Avoiding Major Bathroom Remodelling Mistakes

Avoiding Major Bathroom Remodelling Mistakes

Bathrooms seem like they should be a pretty easy renovation project. How hard can it be to update a 6”x6” room? The project seems so simple, it’s tempting to hire the cheapest guy in the phone book or even try your hand at a weekend DIY project.  These assumptions are all wrong. When you factor in important components like plumbing and lighting, not to mention the intricate work of laying tiles, even a small powder room can be a very complicated task. Fortunately, with a plan in place and the help of the pros at RenosGroup.ca, you will be avoiding major bathroom remodelling mistakes

Mistake: Not having a clear plan in place

You can’t make up a renovation as you go along! Demolish the old room one day, maybe pick up some fixtures once you’ve saved up enough funds, install the shower surround when you have the time…that’s no way to go about a bathroom renovation. You also can’t buy a supply of ceramic floor tiles only to decide partway through that you prefer the look of slate.

Solution: Make a detailed plan in advance – and stick to it

You can dream about your ideal bathroom design and materials for years, and sketch out as many layouts as you wish. But once you settle on it, stick with it. A detailed plan that includes everything from the tools and materials you need (and their cost) to a projected timeline will ensure that your bathroom remodel process goes smoothly.

Mistake: Failing to Budget

Close your eyes and picture your dream bathroom. Stunning marble flooring, a luxurious soaker tub, an eye-catching natural wood accent wall, maybe even a high-tech automated shower system. Now calculate how much this costs? If your budget calls for a “beer” bathroom and you’ve got “champagne” tastes, you need to re-evaluate.

Solution: Budget Honestly

Calculate the estimated cost of your budget, including materials, tools, and labour. When in down, overshoot on costs. Don’t forget to add wiggle room for things like broken tiles or the supplier delivering the wrong sized counter top. You’ll enjoy relief when you come in under budget, whereas coming over budget can range from minor stress to major financial disaster.

Mistake: Going it Alone

It doesn’t matter how many hours of HGTV you watch – you are not a professional bathroom renovator. If you’re lucky, maybe you just do a sloppy job with the paint and reverse the hot/cold taps by accident. If you’re unlucky, maybe you burst a pipe or heaven forbid electrocute yourself. It’s not worth it.

Solution: Choose RenosGroup.ca

Don’t cut corners with your bathroom remodel project. From the earliest stages of imagining the layout to estimating costs through to completion, RenosGroup.ca will handle the project with professionalism and care.  To get in touch to schedule renovations, you can fill out an online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427.