Biggest Bathroom Renovation Trends

Bathroom Renovation Trends

Every year, the home and garden website Houzz conducts a survey measuring the behaviours and interests of North American homeowners. So, what trends do we see in bathroom renovations this year? Are homeowners expanding bathrooms or working with the existing footprint? What are the biggest bathroom renovation trends?

Supersize Showers

Even if the footprint remains the same, homeowners want supersized showers, especially in the master bathroom. In fact, 84% of homeowners upgraded their master showers during the bathroom renovation. 30% of master bath showers were increased by 50% of more in size.

Mobility Renovations

The Baby Boomer generation is three times more likely to install grab bars and other accessibility features than younger generations. However, other features of mobility renovations like hand-held shower heads, shower seats, non-slip flooring, and thermostatic mixers were popular regardless of the age of the homeowner.

What Matters Most in Terms of Design

Most homeowners reported that they wanted their renovated bathrooms to be stylish and beautiful (83%) or to have a spa-like atmosphere (41%). Other popular design elements include a reflection of personality (38%), abundant natural light (34%), making a statement (23%), being energy efficient (22%), being eco-friendly (8%), and being romantic (7%).

What Matters Most in Terms of Function

55% of homeowners wanted a bathroom that was easy to clean (55%), while 53% of respondents wanted easy storage. Other important functions include good lighting (47%), compatible for two people (46%), easy to get ready in (36%), relaxing (34%), and making the homeowner look good (2%).

How Often Are Bathrooms Renovated?

According to the survey, 46% of homeowners last upgraded the bathroom between 16 to 30 years ago. 30% of full baths were last upgraded more than 30 years ago! Some homeowners have the renovation bug, though, with 4% of full baths being remodeled under five years after the last renovation.

What Style is Most Popular?

Contemporary is the most popular style (25%), followed by traditional (21%), and transitional (18%). Other popular styles include modern (10%), eclectic (5%), craftsman (5%), and beach (3%).

Flooring & Walls

Ceramic was the most popular title choice, followed closely by porcelain. Other common flooring options included marble, wood, travertine, and linoleum. Paint was the overwhelming favourite wall finish (71%), but other common choices included ceramic tile, porcelain tile, marble, wood, travertine, and wallpaper.


Many homeowners placed an emphasis on good lighting in the bathroom. The most common options were wall sconces (60-64%) and recessed lighting (44-61%), followed by lighted mirrors (14-16%), chandeliers (5-15%), and pendant lamps (9-12%). However, in 12% of masters and 17% of family baths, the lighting was not upgraded at all.

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