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Creating the Perfect In-Law or Guest Suite Basement

Whether you are designing a basement suite for guests or to accommodate your in-laws, the basement renovations Ottawa families require need a good plan to make the space as comfortable and functional as possible. For guest suite basements, sometimes a good place to start is to look at hotel suites or even retirement home layouts, as they share some distinct similarities including:

Living Space

The majority of the basement should be open, allowing for a comfortable living space. You will want to accommodate a sofa, entertainment unit and perhaps an easy chair. From there you can then determine if a kitchen is realistic.


If the space allows, a kitchen is ideal as it will give guests or in-laws complete independence. Large appliances such as an oven will require a special outlet.


Built-ins are a great idea as they can take the place of furniture that might be cumbersome and use up much needed floor space. You can use built-ins in a buffet style with a sink and built in microwave and bar fridge if there is not space for a kitchen. A fold down dining table can also be added for eating as well as recreation. You can also use built-ins around a fireplace or desk space providing shelves for needed storage. Built-ins can be used to hold decorative items, or to store collections of books and movies.

Sleeping Area

If space for a door swing is not practical, you can consider a number of options for privacy in the sleeping area. Pocket or sliding doors offer privacy and take up less space. You can also consider using partition walls for separation. If light is sparse and the bedroom area is near one of the only windows consider using frosted glass partitions so you do not block out the needed natural light.


Especially in the case of an in-law suite you want to consider the mobility of your parents. This will play an important role in the type of shower or tub you choose. A good compromise is to add a shower stall with a bench and hand held shower head so it is easy to bathe, but can also then be used by other family members or guests should your in-laws move.
The basement renovations Ottawa families require should be laid out with the basic requirements for comfortable living to make guests and in-laws feel welcome and at home.

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