Kingsley Road, Ottawa

Basement Apartment Ottawa / Basement  Renovation Ottawa - Kingsley Road
Basement Apartment Ottawa / Basement  Renovation Ottawa - Kingsley Road

Basement Apartment Ottawa / Basement Renovation Ottawa – Kingsley Road

Dream basement apartments are no longer just a dream but quite a reality. With our project completed of basement apartment renovation on Kingsley Road, Ottawa, we achieved just the perfect dream basement ever. For this, we designed the living room, three bedrooms, and one bathroom, and the results were a true transformation.

We started the project by getting the flooring done. For the main area of the basement, we decided to install hardwood floors that were of high quality and gave quite a classic touch to the place. Along with this, for the bathroom, we went for cream-colored tiles.

After that, we created the kitchen and living room space for this basement. For the kitchen, we allocated a thin portion and put acrylic walls along it alongside attaching the cabinetry. For the cabinets, we went with dark chestnut wood cabinets in varying sizes. We also added a few light fixtures.

When this was done, we also installed a countertop with some more cabinetry below it. Furthermore, we installed an oven and a fridge in the space, as well as a sink. As a result, the kitchen, albeit compact, still looked extremely chic and modern. This became better when our clients added a dining table close by.

After this, we started working on the bathroom for the basement. The bathroom had a bathtub that was made out of custom acrylic with tiling on the walls for the tub area. Along with this, there was also a white sink installed with a vanity and a mirror. We also installed a toilet. The bathroom was nothing short of luxury and went very well with the theme of the overall basement apartment. For the doors in the bedroom, we decided to go with classic white doors.

With this, our basement apartment was complete after painting and some last finishing touches. If you also want your basement to be an apartment you always dreamt of living in, call Renosgroup team at (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form for a free quote.

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