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Creative Room Ideas

Have a spare room that’s not being used? Why not turn this area into something useful? Let us show you what we mean with these 5 creative room ideas that can transform an otherwise empty room into a fully functional space for everyone to enjoy.

Yoga Studio

If you love to practice yoga, you can take the experience right into your home. By remodelling a spare room into a yoga studio, you can create your own little sanctuary. The best part of all is that it doesn’t cost much to put together and all you need is enough room to move around freely.

Recording Studio

If you’re involved in the music industry, another creative room idea you can add to your place is a recording studio. Thanks to the latest advancements in digital technology, it’s easier than ever to record at home. All you need is enough space for your equipment, an adequate number of power sources, high-quality soundproofing, and a proper air-intake system to prevent the equipment from overheating. Having your own recording studio will allow you to be creative whenever you want without disrupting anyone in the process.

Photography Studio

When you’re a professional photographer, you know how important it is to have a studio for your photography. You’re also probably aware of how expensive renting out studio space can be over time. However, there’s one inexpensive way to get professional shots without leaving your home — create your very own working studio. All you need is some dedicated space where all the equipment and lighting can be moved around and used.

Painting Studio

Those who are hoping to start a career as an artist need somewhere to practice and create. An art studio at home can provide many benefits to your craft. If this sounds like the perfect idea for you or a loved one, just remember that the studio should have enough space, natural light and ventilation.

Fitness Studio

Health is important, but when the cost of a gym membership can cost you anywhere from $50 to $200 a month, it’s easy to skip out on fitness. Thankfully, your unfinished basement, attic, or bedroom can be easily transformed into your own fitness studio. And you don’t even have to fully stock it with expensive equipment either. With a few simple weights and items, you can create just what you need to stay in shape.

When you’re ready to transform one of your empty rooms into a creative space, we’re the team to call! At, whatever design you can think of, we can create. We are the renovation experts in the Ottawa area, with over 25 years of combined experience handling a wide range of renovation projects and home additions. To find out how we can turn your vision into reality, contact us, or give us a call at (613)7279427

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