Getting Started with Home Renovations in Ottawa

Will you be renovating your home in Ottawa this year? Don’t know where to start? Many homeowners feel overwhelmed by the idea of working on their home. It can be a lot to take on when you don’t know where to focus your attention (and budget) first. Whether you’re considering a major overhaul or just a few upgrades, here are some tips to help make the entire home renovation process as simple and hassle-free as possible.

Figure Out Why You’re Renovating

First, it’s a good idea to get crystal clear on what exactly needs to be renovated. There can be a lot of wants versus needs when it comes to home improvements and upgrades. To be concise with your time and budget, pinpoint the areas that are a priority, like the bathroom, kitchen or other central rooms that get used the most. When you focus on your needs and priorities, it becomes much easier to know where to start.

Create a Detailed Plan for the Project

Once you understand your needs and the main areas that you’ll be focusing on, it’s time to create a detailed plan and scope of the project. This should outline a list of what’s specifically needed – more storage space, new flooring – along with any design inspirations, project steps, and blueprints or sketches of the completed project. 

Figuring Out Your Budget

Next up, you’ll need to know
how much you can afford to spend on your home renovation. When drafting your budget, don’t forget to include costs for building materials, permits, cosmetic décor features, and labour costs. We always recommend putting at least 10% of your budget aside for unforeseen costs. When you know your budget, you can shave off non-important elements of your reno if they’re more than you can afford.

Hire a Contractor

Once you’ve completed these steps, it’s a good time to start looking for the right general contractor. To ensure you’re choosing a quality team, consider their contracting license, certificate of insurance, experience, reputation from previous clients, and whether they provide a payment schedule.

Finalize the Timeline 

Once you’ve hired your contractor, building a timeline is key. They will consult with you regarding a suitable start time, when you wish to have the project completed, and how long each stage will realistically take. is here to help you map out every detail of your home renovations. If you’re struggling and don’t know where to begin, get in touch, or call (613) 727-9427 our knowledgeable experts today. We will be happy to answer your questions!

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