Getting the Most Out of a Smaller Kitchen

If your kitchen feels a little more than snug, there are some simple tricks that you can incorporate into the design to help it feel much larger than it really is. Here are few of the most utilized tricks to help free up some more room and create that illusion of more space.

Stick to Neutral Colours

Although you may be attracted to bold, colourful cabinets and walls, try to resist. If your space is limited, using bright, bold colours will only detract from the space that you do have, making it feel more boxed in and confined. Try to stick with neutral, or even white walls and cabinets, while adding in colour through simple accent features. This keeps it open and airy, making it look and feel much larger than it really is.

Consider Shallow Cabinets

Think outside of the ordinary cabinets! You can also save on space by using cabinet designs that are slimmer than the regular 24-inch deep designs. It is possible to have cabinets that are 12 or 15-inch deep that can save a great deal of space for both the lower and high cabinetry. This can prevent that large jut-out appearance that usually consumes space.

Minimize Clutter

Of course, minimal space means there should also be minimal clutter. That means avoid have too many knickknacks and hardware throughout your kitchen and on display. Keep the counters simple and as clear as possible. You can also remove cabinet doors handles and opt for more modern designs that are simple and flush. These simple additions can really add up to a roomier design.

Rethink Appliances and Other feature Designs

Beyond the cabinetry, there are other options available that reach beyond the typical sizing and designs. For example, you can purchase appliances that are more compact and specifically tailored for smaller kitchens. With condos and apartment living becoming increasingly popular, you can find compact dishwashers, and even slimmer, compact refrigerators. Think beyond the standard size and designs, and you’re very likely to find alternatives to suit your intimate space.

If your kitchen is limited on space, you need to do as much as you can to avoid adding in any design elements that will detract even more from it. Thankfully, with the vast range of designs that are tailored to smaller living spaces, you can find so many options to help you achieve this, while creating the illusion of more space. Use these tips to help get you started.  Contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427

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