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How to Make a Small Kitchen Feel Big

Just because the square footage of your kitchen is smaller than average doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice an inch of style and function. With an Ottawa kitchen renovation, can maximize the efficiency of a kitchen of any size:

Tall Cabinets

If the ceiling height accommodates, think about installing extra tall cabinets. The exaggerated length makes your small kitchen appear larger than it truly is, with the added bonus of providing much needed storage space. Use the highest parts of the cabinets to store rarely used kitchen items, like your turkey roasting pan or ice cream maker. Space is at a premium in a small kitchen, so don’t let that extra height go to waste.


Mirrors have long been used by interior designers to enlarge small spaces because of the way they bounce light around the room. Cabinet doors with mirrored glass work wonders in a small kitchen. If mirrors don’t quite suit your taste, shiny stainless steel or glossy glass tiles can fulfill a similar function.

Light Colours

Dark colours and tones have an unfortunate side effect of making spaces feel smaller, like the walls are closing in. Light colours have the opposite effect and make walls feel farther than they truly are. For this reason, opt for light wood cabinets, white or light countertops, and light neutral tones in the backsplash or paint.

Storage Space

Cabinets these days can be a lot more functional than two slabs of wood. Custom cabinetry with features like lazy Susans and pull-out shelves will save space and maximize efficiency. Even better, these features can be built into your existing cabinets without the expense of overhauling the whole kitchen.

Smaller Appliances

If your old appliances are due for an update, think about going with the slightly smaller alternatives. You can get attractive energy efficient appliances that make more sense for the space without sacrificing any style at all. If you don’t use your kitchen much, do you really need a double-wide refrigerator or restaurant-calibre range?

Hanging Pots & Pans

If there is available wall space (or ceiling space, if you have an island), consider going with a hanging pot/pan rack. This frees up valuable cupboard space in a small kitchen. Of course, you’ll only want to display your pots and pans if they’re in good condition, so maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

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