Tips for Surviving a Kitchen Renovation  

Taking on a kitchen renovation can be one of the trickiest projects to live through. Without having access to your kitchen sink, stove, and other necessary amenities, it takes some planning in order to make it as practical and stress-free as possible. The inconvenient factor is something that’s next to impossible to avoid, but with a little strategizing beforehand, you can avoid having a remodel impede your lifestyle during the process. If you’re wondering what the best approach is to make your project as easy as possible on you and the family, here are some tips for surviving a kitchen renovation.

Create a Stand-In Kitchen Zone

Getting around using the kitchen sink usually means taking over the bathroom sink. Alternatively, you can use a basin to fill and empty for wash dishes in. But with a little space, you can place a simple table, folding chairs, and even a hot plate that you can use for cooking up some stovetop meals. Turning to fast food and take-out is always a part of the reno process, but if it’s a large undertaking that will take some time, it can get tiring very quickly and put a significant dent in your budget. Creating a simple makeshift stand-in kitchen zone can be practical with just enough space and amenities to help you and the family survive without living completely off of fast food.

Plan Out Your Meals

Having a plan on what you can make that will be easy and practical can save you time and help you avoid resorting to fast food when you don’t feel like putting effort into meal prep. Before you begin the renovation, make a practical and easy meal plan for each day of the week so you know what to do which can help take the guessing game out of what to prepare and make.

Take Advantage of the Grill and Crock Pot

When your kitchen is under construction, it’s the perfect time to take full advantage of those appliances that can make your life a whole lot easier. Depending in the time of year, the grill can be the perfect substitution that will let you grill up some delicious BBQs. Also, the crockpot lets you throw on meals well in advance so you can have dinner simmering away so it’s ready when you are. Preparation is key to surviving a kitchen renovation. And with these three tips, you can sail through that project without having it cause a major huge impediment to your meal times throughout the process.  Contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427

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