Creating the Perfect In-Law or Guest Suite Basement

Whether you are designing a basement suite for guests or to accommodate your in-laws, the basement renovations Ottawa families require need a solid plan to make the space as comfortable and functional as possible. For guest suite basements, sometimes a good place to start is to look at hotel suites or even retirement home layouts, as they share some distinct similarities, such as:


A Living Space

The majority of the
basement should be open for a comfortable living space. It’s essential to consider the needs of your guests occupying the suite. That will help create a living space that they enjoy and appreciate.

If you’re creating an in-law suite in Ottawa, what do they usually like to do? If they’re into movies, including a TV and a sofa is a good idea. If they prefer reading instead, some recliners with ample lighting are the way to go.

Conversely, if you’re designing a granny suite – mobility and accessibility are concerns. You’ll want to make sure the living space contains no trip hazards or items too far out of reach.

You’ll also want to consider building code requirements, ceiling heights, insulation, and more. These will all play a part in your renovations, so it’s crucial not to ignore them. (More on regulations and insulation in a bit.)  

From there, you can then determine if a kitchen is realistic.



If the space allows, a
kitchen is ideal as it will give guests or in-laws complete independence. If you’re limited on space, you may be able to squeeze in a kitchenette. A refrigerator and microwave are all you need for your suite most of the time. After all, that’s what most hotel suites include as a kitchenette.

If you have more space, you can go for a full kitchen. That means an oven, stove, counter space, and possibly more.

If your in-laws/parents enjoy cooking, they’ll appreciate having a kitchen to use. That way, they can prepare their own meals if they prefer not to bother you upstairs.

Common appliances for kitchenettes include:

  • Mini-fridge
  • Coffee maker
  • Teapot
  • Hot plate
  • Microwave
  • Sink
  • Toaster

Larger appliances such as an oven will require a special outlet, so bear that in mind. Ultimately, it will all depend on the amount of space you can dedicate to a cooking area. 

If you want to add extra storage space to the kitchenette, think vertically. If you don’t have room for an island or counter – you can add shelving above (or below) the kitchenette. If you have elderly parents, it’s a better idea to include the shelving beneath rather than above. 



Built-ins are a great idea as they can take the place of furniture that might be cumbersome and use up much-needed floor space. You can use
built-ins in a buffet style with a sink and built-in microwave and bar fridge if there is no space for a kitchen. 

A fold-down dining table can also be added for eating as well as recreation. You can also use built-ins around a fireplace or desk space providing shelves for needed storage. Built-ins can be used to hold decorative items or to store collections of movies.

When renovating your basement, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to add built-ins. Try to keep a keen eye open when analyzing your basement space. Could you add a built-in dining table that folds down from the wall?

Or would it be better to add a built-in bookshelf for all your in-laws’ books?

You can create built-in benches that attach to the walls to add more seating. That can add extra seating for a dining room table or just for general lounging/reading.

The catch of a built-in is that you’ll be stuck with it for life. As such, you need to put plenty of time and thought into what you want from a built-in. The last thing you want is to get stuck with a built-in that has no function and is an eye-sore. 


Sleeping Area

If space for a door swing is not practical, you can consider a number of options for privacy in the sleeping area. Pocket or sliding doors offer privacy and take up less space. 

You can also consider using partition walls for separation. If the light is sparse and the bedroom area is near one of the only windows consider using frosted glass partitions so you do not block out the needed natural light.

Whether it’s an in-law suite or granny suite in Ottawa, they’ll need a place to sleep. It’s wise to consult with them beforehand to learn what they prefer bed-wise. Do they sleep best on memory foam-style mattresses? Or can they not sleep a wink unless they’re in total darkness on a water bed?

Once you know their needs, you can begin constructing the sleeping area.

The good thing about a basement is that it stays nice and dark. Yet, that might not be very comforting for some. The lighting plays a big part in the construction of any sleeping area. If your in-laws don’t like total darkness, night lights or lights with dimmers are what you need.

If you don’t want to use an open floor plan – you’ll need to find a way to separate the sleeping area from the living space. Besides partition walls, rugs are a reliable way to separate each area visually. 



Especially in the case of an in-law suite you want to consider the
mobility of your parents. This will play an important role in the type of shower or tub you choose. A good compromise is to add a shower stall with a bench and handheld showerhead so it is easy to bathe, but can also then be used by other family members or guests should your in-laws move.

Every in-law suite in Ottawa needs a bathroom. That’s doubly true if you’re designing a granny suite. Elderly parents often have mobility issues that you need to take into account.

If they have trouble reaching things in the bathroom, you can lower all the fixtures.

Other modifications, such as adding handicap rails in the bathroom, are a good idea.

If your elderly parents are fragile, you’ll want to make the entire suite as fall-proof as possible. You can add non-slip flooring and cushion sharp edges around the suite.

Another consideration is if you want to include a shower or tub in your granny suite in Ottawa. If so, you’ll need to determine which type you need. If your in-laws don’t have any accessibility limitations – you can go with a regular shower or tub. If that’s too much of an expense, you can have them use the shower/tub upstairs. 


Soundproofing Insulation Between Floors

If your in-laws are in the basement cranking their entertainment system to 11, you probably don’t want to hear it. The reverse is also true if your in-laws are trying to sleep and you’re square dancing upstairs.

Sound has a pesky habit of migrating between floors, which can be a pain for everyone.

Luckily, there is a solution to this problem. Installing soundproof insulation between floors will significantly reduce sound migration.

With proper insulation, your in-laws won’t hear your steps, and you won’t hear their sound system.

To block the sound, you’ll need to separate the surfaces. That’s because continuous materials act as an acoustic bridge. In other words, if the same material is on the top and the bottom, it carries sound.

That’s why you need to separate each floor with different materials.

The most common solution is to use a dense material in the joist spaces between the floors. Popular options include Rockwool insulation and fiberglass. To install it, you’ll need to remove your existing ceiling drywall.

From there, place the insulation in the open joist spaces. You’ll have to contend with electrical wires and other obstacles, so be careful. After the installation is complete, you’ll need to add new ceiling drywall. The process can be a bit cumbersome, but the results are well worth it.


Soundproofing Material Options

Besides structurally separating each floor, you can also use acoustic foam or polyethylene foam. These won’t achieve as effective results as separation, but they’re better than nothing. A quality acoustical underlayment, for example, will deaden most sound vibrations.

Other options include plywood underlayments and cement boards. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll appreciate the affordability of plywood.

The downside is that plywood is only a semi-effective sound blocker. On the other hand, a cement board is a bit more pricey, but blocks sound better than plywood. It’s crucial to consider your budget and specific needs when selecting a soundproofing material. 


Drywall Building Code Requirements for Separate Units

You’re under new building code requirements as soon as you add an in-law suite in Ottawa. You’ll need to stay in compliance to avoid fees and other penalties.

Why are there such strict building codes for two dwelling units?

It all has to do with fire safety. For drywall, you’re required to have 2 layers of 5/8 drywall on both sides of the ceiling/floor for your new unit.

That will provide the one-hour fire rating between both dwelling units. In other words, if a fire breaks out up top, your parents/in-laws will have an hour to evacuate before it gets to them.

That’s why the drywall needs to be so thick – with two layers of 5/8 drywall. This type of thick drywall is also called fire-resistant drywall, as they’re effective at slowing down fires.

A 5/8-inch thick panel is far less likely to sag between joists than thinner panels. That adds not only fire resistance but also extra durability. You can add a heavy surfacing material, such as popcorn texture, to further reinforce the ceiling.

You’ll want to ensure that you install this thicker drywall before constructing the rest of your granny suite. That will ensure that you’re in compliance, so you won’t have to worry about building codes. 


Adding an Egress Window (Required)

Since we’re speaking of requirements for basement living spaces, an egress window is another necessity.

What’s that?

It’s a window that’s large enough for someone to escape through it in case of a fire. It’s a requirement for any basement that you intend to transition into a living space.

Besides being an emergency escape, egress windows add other benefits. They bring natural light into your basement, as well as ventilation. If your in-laws get hot and muggy, they can always open the window for some fresh air.

Once you install an egress window, you still aren’t done. Beyond the window, you’ll need an egress window well. An egress window well is a lot larger than a typical window well. It’s an excavated portion of the earth that’s typically in a half-circle or rectangle.

Its purpose is to give inhabitants a safe place to escape, protected from dirt, rocks, and moisture. If the window well is especially deep, you must have a ladder for easy access.

Here are some other requirements for an egress window:

  • It has to have an unobstructed opening that’s at least 5.7 square feet.
  • That same opening must be 24 inches tall and 20 inches wide (at least.)
  • The bottom of the opening can’t exceed 44 inches from the floor.
  • It must open and shut without the use of any tools.

You’re good to go as long as your egress window checks all these boxes.


Adding a Separate Entrance

Lastly, you’ll need to add a separate entrance, also for fire safety reasons. Whether you’re constructing an in-law suite or granny suite in Ottawa, fire safety is necessary. Building codes dictate that each dwelling unit needs its own entrance/exit.

It would be a disaster if your in-laws/parents got stuck in the basement when a fire broke out.

If the exit to the upstairs is hot/blocked, they’ll need another place to escape. Beyond an egress window, you’ll need a dedicated entrance for the dwelling unit.

You’re all set once you have 2 layers of 5/8 drywall, an egress window and well, and a separate entrance. Your new dwelling unit will be in full compliance, and your occupants will be able to escape in case of a fire. 


Five-Star Basement Renovations Ottawa Families Can Rely On

The basement renovations Ottawa families require should be laid out with the basic requirements for comfortable living to make guests and in-laws feel welcome and at home.

To reach out, schedule renovations, you can fill out an online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427

Basement Renovation Costs to Be Sure to Expect

Renovating your basement can be a daunting task, and can come with some unexpected costs. It’s all too common to find that a crack in the wall or foundation may require a costly external sealing project or drain installation, or that the best way to open up that dark space would be to cut a window or patio door into the basement wall.

Thankfully, basement renovations can be one of the more economical ways to add value to your home, and the already-present space provided by your basement can make it a viable option for many renovation designs. In order to avoid the burden of unexpected costs or do-overs in your renovation project, it’s best to be prepared for the different expenses you may face, and what you can do upfront to avoid renovations. Here are a few basement renovation cost factors to consider.

Humidity levels

Before designing the layout of your basement, it’s crucial that the basement be properly sealed to prevent excess moisture from infiltrating through cracks in the walls or foundation. Otherwise, you may end up with a newly renovated basement only to find that it will have to be refinished due to humidity or mold damage. The cost of properly sealing your basement can vary depending on the severity of moisture infiltration, with minor dampness only requiring a coating of sealant on the walls, while more serious moisture issues may require the installation of a drainage system or external sealing. Most sealing projects cost an average of $4,334, with minor leaking issues costing little more than $600 to more serious infiltration problems requiring a drainage system installation costing $10,000 or more. Be sure to consult your contractor to make sure your basement is well-heated and guarded from any excess moisture.


Once you’ve made sure that your basement is properly ventilated and sealed to prevent moisture damage, you can begin making this space your own. The more elaborate you choose to make your basement, the greater the cost will be, but here are a few options some of our clients have gone with to transform their basement into the living space of their dreams.

  • apartment for a parent or relative
  • homework station for the kids
  • office space for working from home
  • man-cave for watching the big game
  • recreation room for catching up with friends

Many families opt to install a bathroom into their basement, or may have one already and would like to remodel that too. Doing so can be more expensive due to the need for pipes to be run through the home’s foundation, but can still be more economical than adding a bathroom to an upstairs unit, with average basement bathroom renovations ranging from $10,000-$20,000 and main floor  renovations spanning $18,000-$30,000 (bathroom renovation costs). Basic renovation designs for living spaces alone will certainly be less expensive than ornate add-ons like fitness centers or wine cellars, but because of the versatility as a living space that your basement provides, your options for renovation are limited by little more than your imagination and your budget.

Material Selection

Now that you’ve decide what to include in your renovated basement, you’ll now want to get down to the particulars: color scheme, lighting fixtures, hardwood or carpet, etc. Here are three major categories you’ll need to factor in for your budget, and how to to plan for them.

  1. Flooring –  Carpet can be helpful for muffling noise and giving a softer surface if children will be using the space, but is more likely to soak up moisture, which can lead to mold. The resistance of hardwood to moisture infiltration coupled with its more luxurious look typically make it the flooring material of choice, even though it may come with a higher price tag at approximately $10+/sq.ft.

  2. Ceilings and windows – There are 3 primary ceiling styles that most renovators choose: gypsum, suspended, and architectural, with prices averaging $2-$3, $5, and $7+ per square foot, respectively. To increase overhead spaciousness and reduce any claustrophobic feel, consider leaving some piping exposed to make for higher ceiling space. Windows and patio doors are other great options for improving upon natural lighting in a basement structure, but cutting into basement walls to add them can cost upwards of $2,000 – and of course, it would need to be accessible as an emergency exit.

  3. Paint – Sealants and paint coatings are frequently priced according to the size of the basement. While  square footage and the quantity of paint used are usually the determining parameters for the cost of a paint job, we’ve found that the average cost ranges from about $1,000-$1,600

With so many different parameters to consider, basement renovation costs can vary greatly. Overall, we’ve found that most homeowners spend an average of $25,000-$65,000 on their basement makeovers, or $40-$75/sq.ft. More creative renovation projects such as wine cellars or walk-out basements may cost substantially more, but the versatility and availability of your basement makes it a blank canvas to turn your home into the living space of your dreams. Just account for the preliminary steps of sealing it properly, make use of  inspirational basement galleries to get a vision for the kind of layout you want, and choose your renovation materials, and you’ll have a clear picture of what it will take to make your basement renovation a reality!  To get in touch to schedule renovations, you can fill out an online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427.

Considering Turning Your Basement Into a Rental Unit?

If you’re looking for a way to make additional income, why not consider turning your basement into a rental unit? With enough square footage and a few basement renovations, you could get back your initial investment and continue to have extra money to use as you need it. Even if you decide that the rental option isn’t the right fit for you down the road, you can still use it to house an aging parent, your eldest child or even use it as your home office. Before jumping into this project, here are some key factors to think about first.

Make Sure It’s Up to Code

Make sure you take some time to research restrictions and bylaws to see what is legally required and allowed for renting out a basement unit. Different regions can impose different zoning laws and regulations. You’ll need to abide by these, as well as fire escape plans and other safety requirements. Knowing about these prior to beginning can save you a lot of time, money and aggravation in the future.

Consider the Cost Versus Your Budget

Any home renovation in Ottawa can quickly add up if you’re not careful. To avoid overspending beyond your means, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what your basement will need, how much the project will cost and what your budget is. The cost for remodelling the basement can vary quite a bit. This will largely depend on the current condition of your basement and whether it will need a bathroom, kitchen and other essentials installed.

Keep in mind that the average ROI for a finished basement is approximately 70%. So if you ever plan on selling your home in the future, you will be able to recoup a significant amount of that investment in your property value.

Talk to a Contractor

Once you have an idea of what you’ll need and how much you can spend, it’s time to consult with a contractor. They will be able to guide you through the planning phase, all the way to completing the project. During your consultation, they will help to outline the crucial components, such as the exterior entrance, creating a functional layout, installing independent heating and cooling if necessary, plumbing and electrical systems, and adding proper insulation, waterproofing and more. This will give you a better scope of the renovation before diving into it. 

Perform Due Diligence Before Hiring 

Taking on a
basement renovation in Ottawa is a hefty job, and it’s one that you want to ensure is done right. That’s why we recommend doing your due diligence before choosing who to hire. Look for a contractor with ample experience, excellent reviews and a solid reputation for delivering quality work on a timeframe that was agreed upon. A well-established and reputable contractor will be able to thoroughly listen to your needs, offer sound advice and work within the quoted timeline and budget that was agreed upon.

Plan Out the Timeframe

Basement renovations can also vary in their timeframe. This will of course, largely weigh on how much work the unit will need to get it ready and up to code. Make sure you discuss the timeframe with your contractor so you can prepare and make any necessary arrangements so that renovation doesn’t interfere with your regular schedule. In general, you should expect a basement reno to take at least ten days if it’s mostly finished and requires minor remodelling. However, if a separate entrance needs to be installed, along with plumbing and insulation, you could be looking at five to six weeks. 


Compare to Other Rental Units in Your Area

It can be helpful to search for other rental units in your area to see what they look like, what they are offering or include, and how much they are charging. You can also get some inspiration for your design and layout, learn how to be strategic with limited space or gain some insight into what’s available and what you will be competing with when looking for tenants.


Give Us a Call!

If you want to transform your basement in Ottawa into a rental unit, contact our team at the We have been helping homeowners across the city with renovations for every area of the home, including the basement. We take pride in delivering high-quality work and professional, transparent advice. We will always be upfront and honest to help our customers make informed and confident decisions for any home renovation in Ottawa. 

If you have questions, concerns or need any advice on your basement project, feel free to contact us! Our team is happy to help.

Basement Renovations Are Often Overlooked

Many homeowners often leave their basements unfinished, or use them for storage rather than functionality. Even though basement renovations are often overlooked, the potential to make an incredible basement living space is always there. Whether you’re looking for a fun kid friendly space, a place to entertain friends, a man cave or organized storage, can help make all of your basement renovation ideas become a reality.

Anyone Can Offer a Free Quote Over the Phone

Each basement renovation presents unique challenges; after all, each of us has a personal vision for our home. Embracing your vision is the key to giving you a successful basement renovation. This cannot be captured in a phone call or email. What you need is a free consultation.

Upon your request our designers will meet with you to determine your needs and specifications. Working with you, we’ll create a design plan to ensure the proper use of space in the area to be renovated. Our contracts are written out in layman’s terms, free of industry jargon. This way you’ll be able to understand your renovation contract and be protected against hidden escape clauses.

Basement Renovation

Trust the Professionals

Although you may think to try a basement renovation as a weekend DIY project, we do not recommend it. Some jobs are certainly meant to be done by professionals and basement renovations are one of them. If you attempt a basement renovation by yourself, unknown problems, expenses and safety hazards could occur. It is our job to design, plan and execute the entire renovation ensuring all aspects are covered and
taken care of in a professional manner.

Creating the Perfect Basement

You may have a type of basement living space in mind; however there is a lot more to a renovation than a simple idea. The concept is the first step, and consulting a basement renovation professional is always a good idea as they can help you envision and utilize the space to the fullest.

Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

Many independent contractors simply can’t perform the quality work they continually boast about. Instead they offer cheaper services, which is not usually the best option. Hiring a professional team of renovators will protect you and your home from unexpected complications. The team of experts has the knowledge and experience to handle any situation onsite as they may arise. You won’t have to wait
three days for the plumber to show up, or worry about carpenter fixing your electrical wiring

Please don’t wait to give us a call at (613) 727-9427 to get the ball rolling. You can also use this form to request a free in-home consultation and estimate.

Best Ideas for Home Renovations Ottawa Has Ever Seen

Has your home in Ottawa become a little stale and outdated over the years? Then it’s time to spruce things up with some fun home renovations. Remodeling is a fantastic way to mix things up and make your house feel new again. Instead of feeling bored at home, you’ll actually want to be there. Renovations go beyond simply adding visual flair, too. In fact, a clever remodel can redefine the entire function of a room. At Renos Group, we’re the best general contractor Ottawa has available. With our help, anything is possible when renovating your interiors. To get your juices flowing, we’ve compiled 15 of our favorite home renovations

Bathroom Renovations in Ottawa

First, we’ll take a look at five of our top ideas for renovating your bathrooms. It goes without saying that you’ll be spending a lot of time in the bathrooms, so they should feel warm and inviting.

#5: Shift the Location of the Shower for More Space

One thing we encounter in outdated bathrooms is a poor location for the shower. If the shower/tub combo is length-wise on the left or right, your bathroom will appear much smaller. By shifting the shower and tub to the back of the room, you free up lots of vanity space.

Remember, renovating isn’t always about upgrading appliances or adding visuals. Instead, thoughtful home renovations are all about creating new spaces and functions for the room. The last thing a bathroom should be is claustrophobic, so opening it up for more space is a great idea. Adding more space will give your guests a lot more breathing room. As a result, your guests will feel more comfortable using the bathroom at your place, and you will too!

#4: Ritz Up Your Floors

How would you describe the current floors in your home? Do they catch your eye or have any reflectiveness, or are they underwhelming? If the answer is the latter, then you should give your floors a makeover. It’s shocking how often homeowners overlook the importance of their floors, especially in the bathroom.

If you have plain tiles that have no personality, it’s time to get rid of them. Instead, consider some of the following options as a replacement:

  • Polished concrete veneers
  • Ceramic tile with patterns
  • Metallic epoxy coatings

Each of these options is a fantastic way to add visual appeal and intrigue to your bathroom floor. After all, you’ll spend most of your time in the bathroom looking at the floor!

#3: Make a Single Vanity a Double

Does your bathroom only have one sink but has space for two? Then it’s time to make things interesting by adding a double vanity. Not only will this be more visually appealing, but it’s a practical decision as well. You’ll have an extra sink for your guests, spouse, or special someone. With the added space, you can also add extra storage. As we all know, you can never have enough bathroom storage!

The extra storage will also help you free up a lot of counter space. Nothing is worse than a bathroom with hair curlers and shaving razors strewed about everywhere. Renovating to add extra storage space is an intelligent way to keep your restrooms clean and organized.

Double vanities also open up a lot of exciting design options. You can add wall lighting in the middle of the two mirrors. You can also have fun selecting two matching mirrors.

#2: Add Fancy Wall Tiles

If the walls in your bathroom are drab and uninspired, we can put an end to that. You don’t have to limit fancy tile patterns to just your floors. Instead, wall tile is an incredible way to add visual appeal to your walls. Why not give your guests something fascinating to look at while they do their business? Our talented professionals at Renos Group can provide many dazzling ideas for wall tile and other decorative options.

Does your bathroom have basic white square tiles? Then you should definitely switch things up. With some decorative wall tile, you’ll stop feeling like you’re using a public restroom at a gas station and more like you’re at home!

#1: Have Fun With the Shower Shape

There’s no fun in a boring, rectangle-shaped shower. So why not have fun and make the shape of your shower something different? Remember, a good renovation is all about thinking outside the box. A simple circular arch at the top will do a lot to add intrigue to your shower. You can also try other shapes such as ovals, squares, and more. Exciting architecture is a staple of excellent home renovations in Ottawa.

Basement Renovations in Ottawa

Next, let’s take a look at some creative ideas for renovating your basement. There’s no reason why your basement has to be a dull area used for storage. Here are some of our favorite ways to add excitement to basements.

#5: Add an Extra Bedroom

Do you have an extra family member in need of their own room? Then the basement is an ideal option. You can have a lot of fun coming up with ways to transition your basement into a bedroom. You can use:

  • Bunk beds
  • An alcove with a built-in bed
  • Shelves
  • Dressers

Do your best to make the basement feel as cozy as possible as an extra sleeping area. You can even use it as a make-shift guest room if you have company staying over. Using a theme is also an excellent guide for designing your new bedroom. Is your son a huge fan of race cars? Then why not deck out the entire basement with a car theme?

#4: Double Down on Living Rooms

Who says that your home can only have one living room? You can make your basement very interesting by making it your second living room. That is an especially great idea if you have children. The kids can play video games in the basement while you enjoy peace and quiet upstairs.

Add a comfy sofa, an HD TV, and some art on the walls/shelves to make it feel inviting. That’s all it takes to add a second entertainment area to your home in Ottawa.

If your basement lacks space to add on a living room, why not add more space? Our talented team can even find ways to redesign your basement to add extra room for you.

#3: Add a Home Gym

If you want to enjoy the best basement renovation Ottawa offers, you need to get creative. If you wish never to miss a workout, converting your basement into a gym is a brilliant idea. You can carve out space for a sauna, add a TV for entertainment, and more. Wood floors and plenty of mirrors are a great way to make your home gym feel especially authentic.

Once you get everything set up, you’ll never have to spend money on a gym membership ever again. You’ll also save yourself a ton of gas money from not having to drive to the gym. If you ever feel like being lazy and skipping your workout, you won’t have any excuses as the gym is only downstairs! It’s a great way to hold yourself accountable for your workout schedule.

It would also be wise to invest in some affordable rubber mats. That way, you can spare your hardwood floors the strain of dropping heavy equipment on them. Weight racks are also a great option, as are treadmills and benches. Just don’t be surprised when all your friends want to work out in your basement instead of spending money on a gym membership!

#2: Create a Small Apartment

If you’re looking for ways to generate some money, you could turn your basement into an apartment suite. From there, you can rent it out to earn some passive income. Creating an apartment can also give a family member somewhere to live. If your kids stay with you when they’re home from college, they’d love their own basement apartment.

All you need is a kitchenette, fridge, and cooking area, sofa and TV, and an alcove for a bed. If you’ve got the space, you could add a downstairs bathroom as well. If you want to get extra fancy, you could add an island in the middle of the kitchenette area.

#1: The Ultimate Home Theater

This idea is for homeowners that have a little extra money to spend. If you want to go all out, you can convert your basement into an elite-level home theater. Our team at RenosGroup has the knowledge and expertise to hook up an outstanding home theater. We can raise the floor to add movie theater seating, recessed lighting fixtures, and more. We’ll also help you swap out your TV for a projector and large screen. That way, you’ll get that authentic movie theater experience in your own home. What could be better than that?

Kitchen Renovations in Ottawa

Now we come to our favorite ideas for fantastic kitchen renovations Ottawa homes can have. Look other kitchen renovation ideas. If you don’t want to dread cooking every day, your kitchen should be an appealing space. Not only should it have some visual charm, but it should also feature an efficient layout. That way, all your ducks will be in a row when preparing to cook a huge meal.

#5: Update Your Dated Cabinets

Do you have outdated brown, black, or green cabinets in your kitchen? If so, then the chances are that you aren’t crazy about cooking in it. To bring your kitchen into the 21st century, try adding fresh shades of bright white. There are many reasons why white is the preferred cabinet color. It makes your cabinets appear clean, modern, and spacious.

If white isn’t your thing, then neutral tones are the way to go. Our team at RenosGroup specializes in painting, staining, and crafting great cabinetry. Our team will consult with you on the best options for your cabinets.

#4: Add an Island

Does your kitchen not have an island in the middle? If so, then adding one will do a lot for you. Not only do kitchen islands look amazing, but they’re very practical. With the help of an island, you add more space for storage and cooking preparation. Islands also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Once again, this will come down to your individual needs and the design of your kitchen.

Some islands feature shelves on their sides, or they have cabinets to store things inside of them. If your kitchen is a cluttered mess, then adding a kitchen island will help you stay clean and organized.

#3: Open Shelving

Kitchen wall shelves are a popular option today to add visual intrigue. They’re also convenient and make it easier to grab the dishes and utensils you need. Shelving will also make your kitchen appear and feel more significant than it is. If you want to switch things up and try something new besides cabinets, open shelves are a fantastic idea. Your lowest shelves should be at least 18 inches above your countertops for the best results.

#2: Interesting Countertops

You can do a lot with your countertops. A sleek countertop with a great visual appeal can even be the focal point of your entire kitchen. Granite countertops come in a lot of exciting designs and patterns. The right countertop will do a lot for making your kitchen seem attractive again.

#1: Upgrade Appliances

Is your kitchen stuck in the stone age? Have you not bought a new refrigerator since 1965? Then it’s time for an upgrade! Not only do newer appliances look better, but they’re far more energy-efficient. You may think that you’re saving money by holding on to older appliances, but the opposite is true.

Summing Things Up

There you have our favorite picks for home renovations in Ottawa. We hope that we’ve given you some new ideas to make your home feel unique and more appealing. If you’re interested in renovating your home, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free in-home consultation, or give us a call at (613) 727-9427. At Renos Group, the best general contractor Ottawa has around, we will go above and beyond to meet all your needs.

8 Ideas for Your Basement Remodel

The basement was once the area of the home that was neglected and used to store old items while collecting dust. But after being stuck at home for so long during this past year, homeowners are taking stock of their unused and underappreciated space more than ever. From a dedicated home office space to a playroom for the kids to the ultimate sports and entertainment lounge, you can get creative with your basement and transform it into something you’ll love, appreciate and actually use. Here are our top ideas for your basement remodel

An Extra Bedroom

Whether you have a teen who needs their own space or if you have in-laws who like to come and stay with you, the basement could provide extra space for another bedroom. Being tucked away in the basement offers more privacy and comfort. Consider adding built-in shelving if you’re limited on the room you can play with and also opt for carpet to create some additional warmth in the basement.

A Home Gym

If you love to workout and have been missing those trips to the gym, create a home gym right in your basement. With lots of room to spare, you can fit all of the essential pieces of equipment that you desire. To make it more authentic, add full-length mirrors to the wall and make sure to
choose a type of flooring that will hold up well against the machines and weights.  

A Wet Bar

Upgrade your basement with a wet bar so you can be the hub of entertainment when the time comes! Unlike a standard bar, a wet bar includes a sink. If you don’t have the means to include this due to plumbing complications, keep it simple without the sink. If you prefer to maintain an open concept, have the bar installed right up against the wall. This way, you can fit in a table or two if you’d like to have more seating options. Include a beer tap and fridge to make it official! 

A Playroom for the Kids

You don’t have to reserve the basement for the adults. Make it the designated kiddie zone instead. A playroom in the basement will give your kids space to have fun and run around without having to worry as much about causing too much commotion upstairs. It’ll also give you more peace and quiet when you’re trying to get work done upstairs. 

Sports Games and Entertainment 

Create your ultimate sports and entertainment area. Add comfy chairs, a large TV screen, and surround sound so you can watch your favourite team on the big screen in your own home. If your basement has the room, consider adding a pool table, foosball table or a classic pinball machine so you can have the best of both worlds with a sports and games room.  

Wine Collection

Are you a wine connoisseur? Why not show off your collection or expand it with a section carved out in your basement just for your wine. With customized shelving, you can decorate a portion of your wall or all of them. This will give your basement that enchanting wine cellar look and feel so you can enjoy sipping on your favourite bottle whenever you please.

Home Office

With more people working from home these days, the basement is becoming the staple home office hub. With a few additions like carpeting, a fresh coat of paint and a modern office set up, it can be the perfect spot at home to focus and get down to business without too many distractions.

Hobby & Crafts Room

Getting creative often requires some personal space so you can get into the creative zone and hone in on your craft. Whether it’s painting, photography, or some other form of hobby, use your basement as your studio so you can focus and get those creative juices flowing in peace.

When you’re ready to transform your basement into something practical and beautiful, contact our team at the Renosgroup. We’ve been helping homeowners throughout Ottawa remodel and renovate their homes for years. No matter what you are looking for, we can offer our expert advice and recommendations. We will help you refine your goals and vision for the project and map out the scope while working within your budget. With our experience and dedication to quality work, you can rest assured that any project we take on will be done professionally and properly from start to finish. Reach out to us today, or give us a call at (613) 727-9427 to learn more about our services, or to discuss your ideas.  

8 Reasons Homeowners Choose to Remodel Their Basement

In the past, the basement was commonly ignored and neglected, often used to store away old boxes, collections, and other items that rarely saw the light of day. But today, homeowners are eager to maximize every inch they can get in their home. The basement is a versatile space that can be transformed into almost anything you need – a home office, guest suite for relatives or playroom for the kids. To see why a finished basement is a worthy investment, here are some of the most common reasons homeowners choose to remodel their basement.


Create More Room to Enjoy

Do you feel like you could use a little extra space in your home? One of the main reasons why many homeowners decide to remodel their basement is to maximize their space. A finished basement lets you take full advantage of your square footage. Since the basement is off of the main floor, it’s an excellent area of the home that can be customized to suit a variety of different purposes, such as a home office, workout room, den for the kids, or even an entertainment room complete with a bar. With so much open and unused room to play with, it’s an area of the home where you can truly make work for your needs and budget.


It’s a Good Return on Investment

A finished basement is a worthwhile investment because it increases the value of a property. Buyers today want a turn key home where they can move in with minimal effort that doesn’t require a substantial amount of reno work, beyond a few basic cosmetic improvements. And the demand for a finished basement is almost right up there with a
re-finished kitchen. Renovating the basement will provide you and your family with more livable space to use, while also boosting the value of your home if you ever plan on putting it up on the market in the future. In many cases, the ROI is more than 100%. So it’s a win-win.


Make Extra Income with a Rental Unit

When your basement is in a livable condition and is up to code, you could also rent it out and make additional income. With a tenant living in the basement, you could have a consistent influx of money every month, which can help you pay down your mortgage faster, save towards retirement, or spend on some luxuries. 


Enhance Your Storage Capacity

An unfinished basement might be ideal for storing away items you never really need or use once a year, but it’s not a great way to keep your belongings organized or safe from mildew and moisture. A cluttered basement is also a potential haven for mold and pests. With a basement remodel, you can dramatically improve your
storage capacity with shelving units that will keep everything off the ground and safely stored without the risk of mildew or moisture ruining anything. It’ll also make it much easier to find anything you need without tripping over other boxes.


Improve Your Comfort at Home

The long winter months can feel tedious when you’re cooped up indoors with the kids for such a long period of time. Especially with work-from-home and lockdowns, this sentiment has never been more true. But with a finished basement, you always have your own space to retreat to or let the kids play in to give you some peace and quiet while you work. 


Save on Energy Costs

Unfinished basements are more often than not poorly insulated and have older windows that can contribute to air leaks. This can make your HVAC system work harder to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature throughout your home. Getting the basement redone with adequate insulation will not only help to reduce energy costs, but it can also prevent moisture leaks from occurring and damaging the foundation or your furniture and belongings. 


An Extra Guest Suite

Having an extra guest suite in the basement is ideal when friends or relatives decide to visit. You can give them plenty of personal space with additional privacy away from your bedroom, which makes it more comfortable for everyone. 


Taking Care of an Aging Parent

That extra space can also come in handy if an
aging parent requires round the clock care and needs to move in with you. With a bright, comfortable and safe space for them to live, you can look after your parent while still having enough room to breathe and avoid stepping on each other’s toes. 

Thinking about remodeling the basement to create more livable space at home? Contact our team at in Ottawa. Our reno experts can discuss your needs and budget and will help transform your basement into something that you will use and love. Give us a call today! (613) 727-9427

Excellent Basement Renovations in Kanata

Is the basement in your Kanata home a tad underwhelming? Are you currently using it to store boxes and not much else? Then it would be best if you renovated with us at RenosGroup.

We offer the highest quality basement renovations Kanata has to offer.

Our team can help you develop a purpose for your basement so that it’s no longer wasted space.

It’s a sad fact that the basement is the most underutilized room in the home. All too often, homeowners end up using their basements for storage or laundry only. That’s a shame because your basement has a boatload of potential. With our capabilities at RenosGroup, the only limit is your imagination. We’ll help you transform your dull basement into something extraordinary.

So if you want to find a unique use for your basement in Kanata, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn what we can do for your basement at RenosGroup.

Reasons to Renovate Your Basement in Kanata

Kanata is a fast-paced, highly technological suburb of Ottawa. It’s the largest suburb and has a diverse population. There are also many styles of homes in the area. Kanata Lakes boasts high-end housing that has all the latest technological bells and whistles.

Older neighborhoods have more affordable housing, but still, they retain lots of charm. These homes may cost less, but they’re still beautiful and well-built.

If you call Kanata home, then the chances are that you love where you live. It’s safe, family-friendly, and has excellent schools.

Yet, there are still lots of reasons why you may want to renovate your home.

That way, you can address all your home’s issues and turn it into the house of your dreams. We’d love to help you do just that at RenosGroup. In particular, there are many reasons why you should renovate your basement. That’s especially true if your basement currently has no purpose.

Your basement is a large part of your home. It would be a total waste not to use it for something. That’s where renovations come into the picture. Here are a few of the most common reasons to renovate your basement.

Unused Space

Basement Renovation Ottawa - Maricona Way
This is by far the biggest reason to renovate your basement. If you’re like most homeowners, then your basement is idle space without a purpose. You may store boxes and various items there or do your laundry.

Well, there’s no reason to waste any square footage that you have available.

So if your basement is vacant, renovating can turn it into something special.

For example, why not turn your basement into a guest room? That way, you have a place to accommodate friends and family whenever they stay. Instead of being an empty room with some boxes in it, we can transform it into a hotel-esque guest room.

You could also gift yourself with a gaming room/man cave. Since you aren’t using your basement, it’s the perfect location for all your fancy toys. You can set up a TV with video game systems, a pool table, and even a fully functional bar.

Maybe now you can see why not using your basement is such a waste. There are tons of fun uses you can create for your basement. So if you wish your home had some extra space for creativity, don’t rule out your basement! You can use it to create a room that you’ve always wanted.

Add Value to Your Home

Are you planning on selling your home in Kanata? Maybe you want to upgrade to a high-end home in Kanata Lakes. If so, then finishing your basement will add to your resell value. An unfinished basement won’t do you any favors when trying to sell your house.

Which home would you rather buy? Option one is a home with a basement with cracks in the floor, laundry everywhere, and unfinished walls.

Option two has a basement that doubles as a second living room. There’s a full bar, sofa, TV, and wine racks.

Obviously, option two is a far more desirable basement. As a result, that home will sell for more money than option one. So if you’re planning on selling your home, then finishing your basement is a must. It may cost you to fix it up, but you’ll end up selling your home for a lot more money.

Save Money on Utility Bills

Another reason to undergo basement renovations in Kanata is to save money. That may seem counterintuitive, as renovating costs money. Yet, there’s a good reason why finishing your basement will save you money in the long run.

It all has to do with how hard your HVAC units have to work to heat/cool your basement.

If your basement is unfinished, then the chances are that it isn’t sealed. Not only that, but unfinished/open walls will let in heat and cold like nobody’s business.

If your Kanata home has an unfinished basement, then it’s killing your utility bill. Picture this, it’s freezing outside, and your basement is letting cold air inside. As such, your heater has to work twice as hard to maintain the temperature in your basement.

If you renovate and finish your basement, that won’t happen. Your basement will stay completely sealed, not letting in any heat or cold air. Your heater won’t have to overwork itself to maintain the temperature in your basement. Therefore, you won’t have to spend as much on energy each month. These savings can be very significant and will eventually pay for the cost of the renovations.

More Family Space

Lastly, a big reason homeowners renovate their basements is because there’s a baby on the way. They’ve already used up all the bedrooms upstairs, so it’s time to turn the basement into a nursery. That, or transfer one of the older children into the basement. Either way, you’ll need to renovate to accommodate your growing family.

Renovations can turn a four-bedroom home into a five-bedroom house.

It’s crucial to remember that your basement can serve as an extra bedroom.

That way, if you end up adding to your family, your children won’t have to share bedrooms. You can use us at RenosGroup to help you transform your dull basement into a vibrant children’s room.

Basement Renovation Ideas in Kanata

Since we offer the best basement renovations Kanata has available; we’re diverse in what we can do. If you aren’t sure what you want to do with your basement, here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • A home theater. At our company, we’ve built many a home theater for our clients. If your basement is sitting idle and you have some extra money to play with, why not add a home theater? You’ll have a blast inviting your friends and family over for regular movie nights. We can hook you up with theater seating, projectors, sound systems, and more. So if you’re a giant movie nerd, this is a great way to repurpose your basement in Kanata.
  • A hotel suite. Do you have regular guests at your home? Then why not repurpose your basement into a hotel suite? You can add a bathroom, kitchenette, and bedroom area with the help of our team. Your guests will love having their own space while visiting your home. Not only that, but it will save them the expense of having to get a hotel room elsewhere. Besides letting friends stay, you can rent out your basement as an Airbnb to make some extra income.
  • A bar/wine cellar. We love hooking up our clients with wine cellars, racks, and bars in their basements. If you love entertaining your friends with tasty cocktails, a home bar is a must. We can pull out all the stops for you, including draft beer, a bar sink, neon lights, and more. Of course, we’ll help you design a sleek display for all your bottles. The same is true if you’re a wine aficionado. Let us help you set up a proper wine cellar with impressive racks, lighting, and more.
  • An open floor plan. If you like to mix and match, then an open floor plan is perfect for your basement. That way, you can enjoy multiple purposes for the space. By using rugs to separate each area, you can set up a gym, a bar, and a TV area, all in one. Open floor plans help you make the most out of every square inch in your basement. So if you want to get the best of both worlds, going with an open floor plan is a great idea.
  • A kid’s playroom. Are you sick and tired of stubbing your toes on action figures and Barbie dolls? Then you need to designate the basement as the playroom/toy room. Having children means lots of toys and devices lying around, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By transforming your basement into a children’s wonderland, they won’t ever want to go upstairs. That way, all their toys can stay neatly organized downstairs. You’ll enjoy peace of mind upstairs knowing that you won’t slip on a toy race car and have to go to the hospital.

Why Choose RenosGroup for Basement Renovations in Kanata?

All right, now that you know why renovating your basement is a good idea, why should you choose us? After all, aren’t lots of contractors in Kanata and Ottawa?

Yes, there are, but they aren’t on our level. There are many reasons why we stand above all the competition at RenosGroup. Here are some of the main reasons why you should choose us and ignore the rest.

Free In-Home Consultations

First and foremost, we’re the only contractors offering free in-home consultations. That’s right; we will travel to your home without charging you a dime.

Our in-home consultations are genuinely free. If you decide not to renovate, we’ll leave without charging you anything at all for the consult.

Other contractors in the area will charge you before ever seeing your property. Instead, they’ll want you to meet them at their showrooms. That way, they can upsell you on their most expensive products before seeing your home.

In other words, they don’t have your best interests in mind.

They won’t work based on your needs. Instead, they already know what they want to do for your space.

We’re different at RenosGroup. It’s our goal to put the power in your hands. It’s your home, so you should get the final say on what happens during your renovations. During our consultation, we’ll take detailed measurements. That way, we know for sure that we can make your wants and desires a reality. We’ll also provide you with an accurate quote.

An Elite-Level Team

Our team consists of:

  • Construction workers
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Carpenters
  • Interior designers
  • More

As you can see, we have a very diverse team of specialists. Since we do all our work under one roof, we never have to use subcontractors. We’re all highly trained, experienced, and educated in our respected areas. We write all our contracts in plain English, and we never feature any hidden fees or clauses.

We want nothing more than to provide you with your dream renovations. Let us help you make your home into something new and unique. If your home has grown dull and tiresome, then it’s time to breathe new life into the space. No other contracting company can knock it out of the park for you as we can.

Our interior designer will help you come up with an exciting visual look. From there, our construction workers and carpenters will make that look a reality. Our plumbers and electricians will add the final touches.

Concluding Thoughts

As you can see, we provide the absolute best basement renovations Kanata has to offer. At RenosGroup, we’re committed to giving you exactly what you want out of your renovations. So if you live in Kanata and would love to freshen things up, please don’t wait to reach out to us. To get in touch to schedule renovations, you can fill out an online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427.

10 Ways to Make Your Basement Fun and Useful

Renovating your basement can add more living and storage space to your home, but it can also be used as a more creative space. Whether it be for your kids or for you, here are 10 ways to make your basement fun and useful for the whole family.

Kid’s Playroom

When you can’t move around freely without tripping over toys, consider creating a playroom that both you and your kids will love. Renovating the basement into an area where the kids can play will help you reclaim more space for yourself, keep your breakables safer, and give the kids their own dedicated area to let loose and have fun.

Crafts Area

Has your kitchen been taken over by your kid’s art projects? Or are you sick of scraping glue off the table? Building an arts and crafts area in your basement can solve all of these messy, crafting woes. With a dedicated space in the basement, you set up the ideal space where the kids can be creative without ruining your dining table or creating a mess in the kitchen.

Music Studio

Creating a mini music studio area where you can escape to play and create can be fun for the entire family. You can even take it up a notch and build out a full-blown recording studio in your basement if your budget permits. All you need is to build a separate room to store all the equipment in, along with an adequate number of power sources, an air-intake system, and high-quality soundproofing, so the neighbours don’t complain.

Wine Cellar

Are you a wine connoisseur? If so, why not show off and maintain your collection with  your own custom-built cellar? The dark, cool environment in the basement is perfect for a project such as this. And it doesn’t require much to get started. When you have a passionate hobby that you really enjoy – like tasting or collecting wine – it’s worth the effort to indulge and create a space where you can include it more in your life.

Yoga Studio

If you’re into yoga, you know how important it is to get some peace and quiet during your practice. By renovating your basement into a yoga studio, you can create your own quiet little sanctuary.

Photography Studio

Renting out studio space to create and develop your photographs can be incredibly expensive. If you have some spare space in your basement, you can create your own darkroom in the comfort of your home.

Fitness Studio

Is your treadmill collecting dust or taking up space? Or are you tired of paying for expensive gym memberships you never use? Consider turning your basement into a fitness studio so you can get all the exercise you need in the privacy of your own home.

Art Studio

If you’re a painter or artist, you’ll need room to perfect your craft and get messy. A small bedroom space often won’t cut it, and when you’re working with paints and different mediums, you’ll also need proper air ventilation. Turning an unfinished basement into an art studio might just be the perfect solution to provide the space you need to focus.

Entertainment Area

Have you always wanted your own games room or an area to host friends? You can easily turn your basement into an entertainment area. With a cool bar, comfy seating and some entertainment included, your basement might just end up being the best spot to kick off the weekends.

Man Cave or Woman Cave

One of the most popular basement transformations we see nowadays includes the man or woman cave. If you need a space to call your own, a dedicated ‘cave’ can do just that. As a busy member of the family, you deserve to have space where you can relax, enjoy and get some much-needed reprieve. So think of certain things that you’d like to include that can create an inviting space where you can unwind whenever you need to. Comfortable seating, cozy carpets, and comforting ambience are a few ideas to get you started.

If you want to turn one of these creative ideas into your reality, contact us at the We’ll transform your unfinished or neglected basement into a fun and useful space that everyone can enjoy together. Learn more about our services or contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427 today for a free quote!

8 Ideas for Your Future Dream Basement

Do cold concrete floors, old Christmas decorations, and boxes with items for storage come to mind whenever you think of your basement? Although it can be challenging to see past the bare bones and clutter down there, you’d be surprised at how easily you can transform that space into your new favourite room in the house. With a few renovations, you can create your own personal haven or an area for the kids. Get inspired to take charge of your underutilized space with these ideas for your future dream basement.

The Entertainment Den

If you’ve been secretly dreaming about having a personal entertainment lounge in the comfort of your own home, the basement is the perfect spot to make that dream come true. Since it is below the main level, you won’t have to worry as much about noise. And, with so much blank space to play with, you can really let your imagination run wild and design it exactly how you like. Add a giant flat screen, surround sound, lazy boy chairs, and whatever you need for ultimate comfort. You can even install a beer fridge so you can sit back and relax while you watch the game. The options are endless for creating your personal entertainment den at home.

The Games Room & Bar

Speaking of beer fridge, you can go the extra mile and create a games room and bar alongside your entertainment den. There’s no better way to celebrate the Superbowl or kick back after the busy work week than by inviting friends over for some fun. Imagine having a retro-style pinball machine, a billiards table, poker table, dart board, and a cool bar that’s designed just as you like it. Whether your style is modern, vintage, or something in between, you can get as creative as you like!

The Yogi Sanctuary

If you’re a yogi and have been struggling to stretch out or find the peace and quiet that you need to enjoy your practice, this room can become your perfect sanctuary. With plush carpeting, earthy tones, and plenty of room, you can throw down your mat and set up your space as you wish. A few candles and soothing music can finish it off to create the perfect calm and inviting atmosphere to help deepen your meditation and practise.

Multi-Purpose Space

Who says your basement should serve one purpose? Creating a multi-functional space can offer several benefits. If you have plenty of room to utilize, you can consider redesigning it to include a home gym, alongside an entertainment area, or just an extra living room where you and the family can lounge out and enjoy the space together.

An Extra Bedroom

If you have kids, an extra bedroom tucked away in the basement can be ideal for your eldest child once they’re eager for more space from their younger siblings. This can keep them out of your hair while giving them more independence before they officially ‘fly from the nest.’ It can also come in handy whenever there’s a visitor or two visiting from out of town.

Woman Cave

In this day and age, women deserve to have their own personal space to relax and recuperate from the world. Whether it’s a reading room with a cozy setting, your own games room, or just a calm and comfortable oasis where you can listen to your music and chill out in, make it your own and think of how you can create the best space to serve your needs.

Family Room

When you’re entertaining guests, do you dream of having an extra family room where your kids can escape and entertain themselves for a few hours? Creating another family room is ideal. You can let the kids go downstairs and watch movies or keep busy while you enjoy the company of your guests. It’s a win-win scenario!

Playroom for the Kids

Alternatively, if your children are young and you’ve been feeling cooped up together without enough room for them to run around, you don’t have to consider moving. Although it may be difficult to envision your basement looking like something beyond a storage room, there are endless possibilities that can serve the purpose you need it to. A few minor renovations, like fresh, bright colour paint, carpeting, and kid-friendly furnishing and toys can be all you need to spruce it up and turn it into the perfect den and playroom for your children.

When you’re struggling to see beyond the concrete and boxes in your basement, remember these ideas for your future dream basement and how it can serve you and your family’s needs best. And when you’re ready to get started, contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427. Our wide network and handy team of professionals can take care of all of your home renovation needs.

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