Undermount Sink with a Laminate Countertop ?

Undermount sinks have become all the rage in today’s age, as they provide a sleek appearance and are easier to keep clean (no ridge means no opportunity for grease and grime to accumulate). 

Yet, an undermount sink requires a different type of installation than traditional ‘drop-in’ sinks. 

Also, undermount sinks work better with certain materials than others. In particular, solid surface materials work best, as they can support the considerable weight of the sink and your not left with exposed edges of unfinished wood around the sink opening.

Due to their strength and durability, granite, soapstone, and concrete are all perfect countertop material options for undermount sinks. 

But what if you have laminate countertops instead? Will you still be able to install a beautiful undermount sink for your kitchen?

The answer is a bit complicated. While possible, it’s a complex job that you should leave to a finish carpenter experienced in building laminate countertops. 

If you attempt to install an undermount sink into your laminate countertops by yourself, you could end up costing yourself thousands in repairs. 

Read on to learn more about undermount sinks and laminate countertops and how to combine the two successfully. 

What are Undermount Sinks?


In general, there are two types of sinks used in kitchens and bathrooms – drop-in sinks and undermount sinks. 

The primary difference lies in the installation method. 

Drop-in sinks get installed by cutting a hole on top of the counter and dropping the sink in, hence the name. 

Undermount sinks, on the other hand, get installed beneath the countertop and are held in place by an extra-strong adhesive and special mounting brackets. For this reason, it’s critical for the material to be robust enough to support the weight of the sink without causing issues. 

For an undermount, the sink installs flush into the countertop, not below or above. While this provides a stylish look that’s also easier to clean – it’s what can cause problems with weaker materials, such as laminate countertops. 

Strength and stability aren’t the only issues laminate countertops have with undermount sinks, either. 

Laminate countertops contain MDF (medium-density fibreboard) underneath, which is extremely sensitive to moisture. If the MDF gets wet, it will ruin your countertops due to warping (foiling your ability to install an undermount sink in the future, too). 

So if you’re going to install an undermount sink on a laminate countertop in your kitchen or bathroom, you need to make doubly sure that no moisture can seep through into the MDF.

Why are Undermount Sinks Popular?


In the past, down-in sinks were virtually everywhere due to their versatility and ease of installation. 

However, undermount sinks have taken over in recent years due to a variety of attractive benefits they yield to homeowners, including:

  • A superior sense of style. Undermount sinks provide a sleek, streamlined look that’s more modernized than a down-in sink. Many homeowners desire undermount sinks for the visual appeal alone.
  • They’re more hygienic. Drop-in sinks have the unique disadvantage of having silicone bead seals around the edges. Not only are these unsightly, but they’re breeding grounds for bacteria, as they’re notorious for accumulating grease, grime, and dirt. An undermount sink has no such seal, so they’re a far more hygienic option.
  • Clean-up is a breeze. This plays off the previous benefit. Since there’s no seal around the edge, there’s nothing for water/food remaining to get caught on. As such, you can clean your countertops by funneling everything directly into your sink.
  • They add counter space. A drop-in sink will take up more counter space, limiting the area where you can prepare food and store appliances. Undermount sinks are far more compact, so you’ll enjoy more counter space as a result.
  • You can install the faucet anywhere. On a drop-in sink, the faucet can only go in one spot – in the sink basin. With an undermount sink, you’ll experience full faucet freedom. You can choose to install it on the wall, behind the bowl, to the side, or wherever else you please. 

Those are the main reasons why undermount sinks have dramatically risen in popularity in recent years. 

Laminate Countertop Concerns


As previously stated, laminate is a weaker material

Undermount sink with laminate countertop

Undermount sink with laminate countertop

than granite or marble – which is why it has trouble supporting an undermount sink. 

So does that mean there’s no hope for laminate countertop owners with their hearts set on undermount sinks?

Not at all, just that there are a few extra steps involved in the process (which will likely require homeowners to rethink their budget). 

We can’t stress enough that a complicated job like this is best left to professional contractors like us. Attempting to build your own laminate countertops or install a sink with mounting brackets and glue can end in disaster. 

For instance, if you get the particle board wet, it can warp your countertops and ruin them forever. 

Concluding Thoughts: Undermount Sink With Laminate Countertops


In summary, installing an undermount sink on laminate countertops is possible. 

While laminate is far from the ideal material to use, it’s still doable with custom laminate countertops and a thin, utterly flat sink.

We’ll be completely transparent…. In many cases, it will be more work and cost than it may be worth for you. If properly installing an undermount sink on your laminate countertops is out of your budget, we can recommend looking for good deals on leftover stone countertop pieces and using a standard unmount sink of your choice. Feel free to contact us or call us at 613-727-9427 for a free in-home consultation on your next renovation in Ottawa

Gallery of manufacturer’s pictures


Link to video on how a stainless steel sink is installed under laminate countertop
Link to video on how a solid surface (acrylic) sink is install under laminate countertop

Poorly Planned Bathroom Renovations

Every Year Thousands of Home Owners are Financially Devastated by Poorly Planned Bathroom Renovations.

If you’re planning on renovating your entire bathroom you may be tempted to hire an independent contractor or a jack-of-all-trades to keep your costs down. Unfortunately, these individuals are often mediocre at many things and experts at nothing. Remember…
just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean it’s a deal!

Hiring a professional bathroom contractor is your best bet at keeping your costs down and protecting your home. A professional bathroom renovation company can provide every service you need and will always be prepared for potential obstacles that may arise, like discovering a rotten floor or mold hidden behind a wall when replacing your tub. specializes in all aspects of complete bathroom renovations with a team of professionals for every job from designers to carpenters to plumbers.

Many companies who do offer complete renovation services don’t offer low-cost options due to the high overhead tied up in their expensive showrooms. The massive cost difference between the expensive showroom companies and the jack-of-all-tradesmen creates confusion and frustration for homeowners. Poorly Planned Bathroom Renovations has stepped into the gap as one of the only mid-priced full-service bathroom renovators in Ottawa. Our free in-home consultations will give you a more reliable cost estimate because it helps us to correctly prepare for your specific project. Once we’ve measured and poked around in the renovation space we’ll be able to better implement the designer’s plan and anticipate where problems may arise. Our advance preparation strategy is what allows us to work cleaner, faster, smarter and more efficiently than other renovation specialists.

Making us even more tempting is our online showroom.  Though we don’t sell any products these pages can help with your product selections while your in your own home. We even have our own interior designer to help you match colours and fixtures bringing out the warmth and comfort you want your home to exude.  Design work does come with extra fees, but well worth it when it comes to the final look of the finished product

If you or a member of your household has mobility limitations you may need to have specific renovations done to your bathroom and home. It is imperative you have a professional make these renovations for you to ensure the proper weight specifications are accounted for and future mobility issues are taken into consideration. An independent bathroom contractor will not plan for further mobility limiting problems you or your loved ones may encounter.

Our team of bathroom renovators are experts in installing mobility limitation products for any age group, and almost every conceivable disability. Your free in-home consultation is designed to give us the information we need to install the correct products, in the appropriate location within your home. We’ll also take into consideration future limitation problems you may encounter so you won’t have to go through another expensive renovation down the road.  To get in touch to schedule renovations, you can fill out an online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427.

* This was our original main page page for bathroom renovations.

Best Ideas for Home Renovations Ottawa Has Ever Seen

Spruce up your Ottawa home with exciting Ideas for Home Renovations! Tired of the same old look? Breathe new life into your space with our inspiring suggestions, catering to any style and budget. Discover innovative ways to transform your outdated Ottawa home into a modern haven!

Remodeling is a fantastic way to mix things up and make your house feel new again. Instead of feeling bored at home, you’ll actually want to be there. Renovations go beyond simply adding visual flair, too. In fact, a clever remodel can redefine the entire function of a room. At Renos Group, we’re the best general contractor Ottawa has available. With our help, anything is possible when renovating your interiors. To get your juices flowing, we’ve compiled 15 of our favorite home renovations.

Ideas for Home Renovations

Bathroom Renovations in Ottawa

First, we’ll take a look at five of our top ideas for renovating your bathrooms. It goes without saying that you’ll be spending a lot of time in the bathrooms, so they should feel warm and inviting.

#5: Shift the Location of the Shower for More Space

One thing we encounter in outdated bathrooms is a poor location for the shower. If the shower/tub combo is length-wise on the left or right, your bathroom will appear much smaller. By shifting the shower and tub to the back of the room, you free up lots of vanity space.

Remember, renovating isn’t always about upgrading appliances or adding visuals. Instead, thoughtful home renovations are all about creating new spaces and functions for the room. The last thing a bathroom should be is claustrophobic, so opening it up for more space is a great idea. Adding more space will give your guests a lot more breathing room. As a result, your guests will feel more comfortable using the bathroom at your place, and you will too!

#4: Ritz Up Your Floors

How would you describe the current floors in your home? Do they catch your eye or have any reflectiveness, or are they underwhelming? If the answer is the latter, then you should give your floors a makeover. It’s shocking how often homeowners overlook the importance of their floors, especially in the bathroom.

If you have plain tiles that have no personality, it’s time to get rid of them. Instead, consider some of the following options as a replacement:

  • Polished concrete veneers
  • Ceramic tile with patterns
  • Metallic epoxy coatings

Each of these options is a fantastic way to add visual appeal and intrigue to your bathroom floor. After all, you’ll spend most of your time in the bathroom looking at the floor!

#3: Make a Single Vanity a Double

Does your bathroom only have one sink but has space for two? Then it’s time to make things interesting by adding a double vanity. Not only will this be more visually appealing, but it’s a practical decision as well. You’ll have an extra sink for your guests, spouse, or special someone. With the added space, you can also add extra storage. As we all know, you can never have enough bathroom storage!

The extra storage will also help you free up a lot of counter space. Nothing is worse than a bathroom with hair curlers and shaving razors strewed about everywhere. Renovating to add extra storage space is an intelligent way to keep your restrooms clean and organized.

Double vanities also open up a lot of exciting design options. You can add wall lighting in the middle of the two mirrors. You can also have fun selecting two matching mirrors.

#2: Add Fancy Wall Tiles

If the walls in your bathroom are drab and uninspired, we can put an end to that. You don’t have to limit fancy tile patterns to just your floors. Instead, wall tile is an incredible way to add visual appeal to your walls. Why not give your guests something fascinating to look at while they do their business? Our talented professionals at Renos Group can provide many dazzling ideas for wall tile and other decorative options.

Does your bathroom have basic white square tiles? Then you should definitely switch things up. With some decorative wall tile, you’ll stop feeling like you’re using a public restroom at a gas station and more like you’re at home!

#1: Have Fun With the Shower Shape

There’s no fun in a boring, rectangle-shaped shower. So why not have fun and make the shape of your shower something different? Remember, a good renovation is all about thinking outside the box. A simple circular arch at the top will do a lot to add intrigue to your shower. You can also try other shapes such as ovals, squares, and more. Exciting architecture is a staple of excellent home renovations in Ottawa.

Basement Renovations in Ottawa

Next, let’s take a look at some creative ideas for renovating your basement. There’s no reason why your basement has to be a dull area used for storage. Here are some of our favorite ways to add excitement to basements.

#5: Add an Extra Bedroom

Do you have an extra family member in need of their own room? Then the basement is an ideal option. You can have a lot of fun coming up with ways to transition your basement into a bedroom. You can use:

  • Bunk beds
  • An alcove with a built-in bed
  • Shelves
  • Dressers

Do your best to make the basement feel as cozy as possible as an extra sleeping area. You can even use it as a make-shift guest room if you have company staying over. Using a theme is also an excellent guide for designing your new bedroom. Is your son a huge fan of race cars? Then why not deck out the entire basement with a car theme?

#4: Double Down on Living Rooms

Who says that your home can only have one living room? You can make your basement very interesting by making it your second living room. That is an especially great idea if you have children. The kids can play video games in the basement while you enjoy peace and quiet upstairs.

Add a comfy sofa, an HD TV, and some art on the walls/shelves to make it feel inviting. That’s all it takes to add a second entertainment area to your home in Ottawa.

If your basement lacks space to add on a living room, why not add more space? Our talented team can even find ways to redesign your basement to add extra room for you.

#3: Add a Home Gym

If you want to enjoy the best basement renovation Ottawa offers, you need to get creative. If you wish never to miss a workout, converting your basement into a gym is a brilliant idea. You can carve out space for a sauna, add a TV for entertainment, and more. Wood floors and plenty of mirrors are a great way to make your home gym feel especially authentic.

Once you get everything set up, you’ll never have to spend money on a gym membership ever again. You’ll also save yourself a ton of gas money from not having to drive to the gym. If you ever feel like being lazy and skipping your workout, you won’t have any excuses as the gym is only downstairs! It’s a great way to hold yourself accountable for your workout schedule.

It would also be wise to invest in some affordable rubber mats. That way, you can spare your hardwood floors the strain of dropping heavy equipment on them. Weight racks are also a great option, as are treadmills and benches. Just don’t be surprised when all your friends want to work out in your basement instead of spending money on a gym membership!

#2: Create a Small Apartment

If you’re looking for ways to generate some money, you could turn your basement into an apartment suite. From there, you can rent it out to earn some passive income. Creating an apartment can also give a family member somewhere to live. If your kids stay with you when they’re home from college, they’d love their own basement apartment.

All you need is a kitchenette, fridge, and cooking area, sofa and TV, and an alcove for a bed. If you’ve got the space, you could add a downstairs bathroom as well. If you want to get extra fancy, you could add an island in the middle of the kitchenette area.

#1: The Ultimate Home Theater

This idea is for homeowners that have a little extra money to spend. If you want to go all out, you can convert your basement into an elite-level home theater. Our team at RenosGroup has the knowledge and expertise to hook up an outstanding home theater. We can raise the floor to add movie theater seating, recessed lighting fixtures, and more. We’ll also help you swap out your TV for a projector and large screen. That way, you’ll get that authentic movie theater experience in your own home. What could be better than that?

Ideas for Home Renovations

Kitchen Renovations in Ottawa

Now we come to our favorite ideas for fantastic kitchen renovations Ottawa homes can have. Look other kitchen renovation ideas. If you don’t want to dread cooking every day, your kitchen should be an appealing space. Not only should it have some visual charm, but it should also feature an efficient layout. That way, all your ducks will be in a row when preparing to cook a huge meal.

#5: Update Your Dated Cabinets

Do you have outdated brown, black, or green cabinets in your kitchen? If so, then the chances are that you aren’t crazy about cooking in it. To bring your kitchen into the 21st century, try adding fresh shades of bright white. There are many reasons why white is the preferred cabinet color. It makes your cabinets appear clean, modern, and spacious.

If white isn’t your thing, then neutral tones are the way to go. Our team at RenosGroup specializes in painting, staining, and crafting great cabinetry. Our team will consult with you on the best options for your cabinets.

#4: Add an Island

Does your kitchen not have an island in the middle? If so, then adding one will do a lot for you. Not only do kitchen islands look amazing, but they’re very practical. With the help of an island, you add more space for storage and cooking preparation. Islands also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Once again, this will come down to your individual needs and the design of your kitchen.

Some islands feature shelves on their sides, or they have cabinets to store things inside of them. If your kitchen is a cluttered mess, then adding a kitchen island will help you stay clean and organized.

#3: Open Shelving

Kitchen wall shelves are a popular option today to add visual intrigue. They’re also convenient and make it easier to grab the dishes and utensils you need. Shelving will also make your kitchen appear and feel more significant than it is. If you want to switch things up and try something new besides cabinets, open shelves are a fantastic idea. Your lowest shelves should be at least 18 inches above your countertops for the best results.

#2: Interesting Countertops

You can do a lot with your countertops. A sleek countertop with a great visual appeal can even be the focal point of your entire kitchen. Granite countertops come in a lot of exciting designs and patterns. The right countertop will do a lot for making your kitchen seem attractive again.

#1: Upgrade Appliances

Is your kitchen stuck in the stone age? Have you not bought a new refrigerator since 1965? Then it’s time for an upgrade! Not only do newer appliances look better, but they’re far more energy-efficient. You may think that you’re saving money by holding on to older appliances, but the opposite is true.

Summing Things Up

There you have our favorite picks for home renovations in Ottawa. We hope that we’ve given you some new ideas to make your home feel unique and more appealing. If you’re interested in renovating your home, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free in-home consultation, or give us a call at (613) 727-9427. At Renos Group, the best general contractor Ottawa has around, we will go above and beyond to meet all your needs.

Five-Star Bathroom Renovations in Kanata

Do you dread having to visit your bathroom? If so, then something is definitely wrong. Luckily, there’s nothing that some renovations can’t fix.  If your bathroom is a dreary, disorganized mess, it’s time to renovate!  Your bathroom should be cheery, clean, and practical.   If you’re unhappy with your bathrooms, you can always rely on our team at RenosGroup to fix things up. We can provide you with new plumbing, toilets, showers, sinks, lighting fixtures, and more. Thanks to our interior designer, you can come up with a stunning look for your bathrooms. You can use themes, modern trends, and more to spruce things up.  So if you want bathroom renovations in Kanata, you’re in the right place. Stay tuned to learn how we can enhance your bathrooms at RenosGroup.

Reasons to Renovate Your Kanata Bathrooms

If Kanata is where you call home, then there’s a lot to appreciate. It’s a diverse, sprawling suburb of Ottawa with a lot to offer. It’s also home to the digital technology companies in the city.

Kanata is fast-paced and continually growing. As such, it can be a tad overwhelming to keep up at times.

That’s why you need to renovate your home to stay relevant regularly.

There are many reasons why you should undergo bathroom renovations in Kanata. Renovating can increase your property value, add more storage space, and so much more. Here are what we find are the most common reasons our clients choose to renovate their bathrooms:

Expanding Existing Bathrooms

Nothing is worse than a claustrophobic bathroom. If your bathrooms are incredibly cramped, then renovations are a fantastic idea. Our team at RenosGroup can help you get the most out of your existing space.

In some cases, we don’t even have to expand the square footage of the room.

Instead, we have to simply rearrange a few things to add more space and breathing room.

An example would be rearranging the placement of your shower and sink. Doing so can free up more space that was once occupied. During your free in-home consultation, we’ll evaluate your existing bathrooms. If there are ways to rearrange things to add more space, we’ll let you know.

Of course, we can also remove walls to expand the square footage of your bathrooms.

A common reason for adding on to a bathroom is an expanding family. If you have a new baby on the way, you’ll need some extra space in the bathroom. Other reasons to expand include adding more storage space for your toiletries and accessories.

Updating Outdated Bathrooms

Is your bathroom stuck in the 70s? Do you feel like you went back in time every time that you need to do your business? Then renovations are a must for you. That’s especially true if you’re sick and tired of looking at outdated toilets, sinks, and showers.

Old wallpaper is another eyesore of outdated bathrooms. If you have floral wallpaper that’s peeling off, it’s time for an upgrade.

Older sinks, showers, and toilets are also less efficient. They will use more water and end up costing you more money in the long run. Modern appliances are far more efficient at using energy and water.

Our team at RenosGroup can fully customize every aspect of your bathroom. Do you want to update your lighting fixtures and mirrors? That’s no problem for us. We have a ton of great bathroom products to choose from on our online product showroom

We can also provide you with brand-new plumbing.

So if your bathroom has clogged pipes that are rusty and outdated, don’t wait to let us know. You see, we have an entire team of specialists ready to work on your home. For our bathroom remodels, we have a team of in-house plumbers. They have an extensive amount of experience working with plumbing. They can repair any issues or install brand new pipes for you.

While other contractors sub out their plumbing work, we would never dream of doing that. We’re obsessed with quality control, and we would never hand over our flawless reputation to a third party. Instead, we’re more than capable of doing all the plumbing work ourselves.

Brightening Up a Dull Bathroom

Another reason to pursue the best bathroom renovations Kanata has to offer is to add visual appeal. You’ll end up spending quite a bit of time in your bathrooms, so they should look pleasant.

Nothing is more off-putting than visiting someone’s home to discover they have a filthy, dull bathroom.

If your bathrooms don’t have any sense of style, you need to change that.

Not only will they look better, but upgraded bathrooms will add value to your home. Even if you don’t plan on selling your house, upgraded bathrooms are still a good idea.

Our interior designer will work with you to create unique themes for your bathrooms. You can select from modern trends, colors, styles, and more. We’ll give you all the tools that you need to express yourself. You’ll love having the freedom to explore so many different options for personalizing your bathrooms.

Accommodating an Aging Relative

Do you live with your elderly mother or father? If so, then they probably have some special needs that you should consider. Luckily, we offer mobility renovations at RenosGroup. We can renovate your bathroom to make it accessible for your aging relative.

An example would be adding rails or a seat to your shower. We can also install special accessible toilets, rails, ledges, and more. Simply let us know what your needs are, and we’ll make it happen.

We can add brighter lighting and lower bathroom fixtures as well. If your relative has a hard time reaching the sink or medicine cabinet, we can lower them. The same is true for toilets and other fixtures.

If your relative has arthritis, then we can install easy-to-use handles for your cabinets. These handles are large and are effortless to open. That will save your relative from having to fiddle with smaller handles that are harder to open.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas in Kanata

Bathroom Renovations in Kanata
Now that you know why to pursue bathroom renovations in Kanata, here are some ideas you can use. These are some of the most common themes and concepts that we run into when renovating bathrooms. Hopefully, these examples will help you get your creative juices flowing for your bathroom.

Use a Theme for Your Bathroom

If your bathrooms are tiny, you need to develop a way to make them appear more prominent. One of the easiest ways to do so is to use printed wallpaper. The wallpaper can add extra dimensions to your bathroom, making it appear larger. It’s also wise to use a theme to keep things consistent.

Themes are a great way to brighten up a dull bathroom.

You can use all sorts of themes in your bathroom, from using colors to specific themes like the beach.

Let’s say that you want to feel like you’re visiting a sunny beach every time that you use the bathroom. To do so, you can start with palm tree wallpaper. From there, an ocean blue shower curtain will help further set the mood.

For the shower wall, you could use beautiful blue tiles to mimic ocean water. Tiki soap dishes and palm tree towels will help complete the theme.

All of a sudden, your bathroom went from a tiny dull mess to a tropical paradise. Instead of dreading a visit to the toilet, you won’t be able to wait to enjoy your decor.

That’s just one example of how you can use a theme to spruce up your bathroom. Themes can make your bathroom appear more prominent as well as provide a happier atmosphere.

Use Practical Renovations

If you’re content with the way your bathrooms look, then you can renovate for practicality instead. What does that mean? It means making changes and tweaks to the layout of your bathroom so that it’s more efficient.

In other words, the renovations will make your life easier in the bathroom.

An example would be adding extra cabinets for more storage space. That way, your sink isn’t a scrambled mess of hair dryers, lotions, brushes, and accessories.

Another example would be moving a cabinet from the right corner to above the sink. That will ensure that all your toiletries are right where you need them at all times.

Take a walk through your bathrooms and note the layout. Are there any improvements that you’d like to make? Would changing up the cabinets make things easier? Could you benefit from extra storage space? Do you wish you had room for a more oversized tub? Is your sink in a terrible location at the moment?

These are all essential questions to ask yourself when deciding to renovate. At RenosGroup, it’s our goal to make your life easier through our improvements. During your free consultation, we’ll let you know everything that we can do for your bathrooms. That includes taking detailed measurements and providing you with an accurate quote.

Reasons to Choose Us for Bathroom Renovations in Kanata

Now that you have some ideas for how you can renovate your bathroom, why should you choose RenosGroup? Why can’t you go with one of the cheaper contractors in Ottawa?

There are many reasons why we rise above our competition in Kanata and surrounding areas.

Other contractors in the area may charge less, but they don’t provide our quality of work. Their craftsmanship is shoddy, they will leave you hanging for weeks, and they hide hidden fees in their contracts.

Free In-Home Consultations

We’re one of the few remaining contracting services in Ottawa that offers free in-home consultations. That’s one of the biggest reasons why we offer the best bathroom renovations Kanata has around.

We won’t charge you anything at all for visiting your home and speaking with you.

That’s how committed we are to providing you with the best renovations that we possibly can.

Other contractors will make you sign a contract before ever setting foot in your home. What kind of sense does that make? How can they do their job as renovators without even seeing your home first?

They will make you visit their showrooms where they will upsell you on expensive products. You see, this is their goal all along. They don’t care about what you want for your home. They’ve already decided what they’re going to do for your renovations.

That’s not how we do things at RenosGroup. We place all the power in your hands. That’s because we want to deliver on your unique vision for your renovations, not our desire to overcharge you.

A Team of In-House Experts

We never use subcontractors at RenosGroup. That’s because we have an in-house team of specialists. While other contractors sub out things like drywall, painting, we would never do that.

When you use subcontractors, you’re handing over your reputation to a third party. You have no way of guaranteeing the quality of work that they will do.

That doesn’t fly with us at RenosGroup. We maintain strict quality control over all our projects no matter what.  We have an entire fleet of specialists. That guarantees that we can knock out every aspect of your renovations under one roof. You won’t find that kind of quality guarantee from any other company in Ottawa.

So if you need a company to tackle your bathroom renovations in Kanata, now you know who to call. No other contractor can compete with our expertise, craftsmanship, communication, or in-house talent.

Concluding Thoughts

You can always rely on our team at RenosGroup to handle your bathroom renovations in Kanata. We handle every single renovation with 100% professionalism. If you want to add more space to your bathrooms, increase water and energy efficiency, or add visual appeal, please give us a call. Our team of dedicated experts won’t hesitate to go above and beyond to meet all your specific needs. To get in touch to schedule renovations, you can fill out an online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427.

Giving Your Bathroom the Reno it Deserves

Planning a bathroom reno? Aside from the kitchen, the bathrooms are the second most valued room in the home. It’s what buyers look at when sizing up a property. Even if you’re not planning to sell any time soon, a bathroom reno will help modernize your entire home and benefit you and your family for years. If you’re wondering about giving your bathroom the reno it deserves, consider these tips for improving its aesthetics, functionality and comfort.

Modernize the Shower

Is your shower boxed in behind overbearing, closed-in walls? If so, this can not only make the bathroom look dated, but it can also make it appear smaller and congested. To make the room feel more open and airy, we highly recommend modernizing the shower space by adding a custom glass enclosure or shower door. This will dramatically upgrade your space and make it appear brighter and bigger.


Over the years, bathroom tiles can look grungy with dirty grout and outdated patterns. That’s why retiling is a must when you’re taking on a bathroom reno. For a luxurious and modern look, use larger tiles on the floor. Wide, plank-style tiles are an excellent choice for really enhancing the look of the bathroom. When tiling the shower, the combination of wide planks and smaller, texture tiles works well. This will create a cohesive and modern look for the shower, and also add grip to make it safer when standing in the shower. There are also grouts available today that are resistant to mold and stains which are ideal for the bathroom and shower.

Upgrade the Plumbing

Though it’s out of sight and often out of mind (until there’s a blockage), the plumbing plays a significant role in the overall functionality of your bathroom. Older, standard drain plumbing is usually smaller, measuring about 11/2 inch diameter or smaller. This can lead to frequently clogged drains. If you have a larger family, we recommend improving your drainage by having a larger 2-inch drainage pipe installed. A large pipe equals fewer clogs for you to deal with. It’s well worth it!

Add a Window

If your bathroom doesn’t already have a window in it, chances are it has poor ventilation and is more prone to mold. Even if you have a fan installed, it doesn’t compare to being able to air out the humidity with an open window. Talk to your contractor about installing an extra window in the bathroom. Not only will this remove excess humidity, but it will also make the room brighter. 

Install a Recessed Cabinet

If your bathroom is tight on storage space and you don’t have much room to store those bathroom essentials, a recessed medicine cabinet can help. These cabinets are usually placed near or above the vanity and get installed directly in the wall, about a few inches. This is a handy option to consider if you’re lacking in storage and want somewhere to keep your toiletries.

Get the Best Lighting for Your Space

Lighting is an essential part of any design, so it’s worth putting some extra thought into. Most bathrooms don’t have the best natural lighting. All the more reason to make sure you’re upgrading yours to something that will provide all the brightness you need. Having a dimmer switch installed can be useful for adjusting the level of light, such as when you’re taking a soothing bath and don’t want bright lights to ruin the ambience. Recessed lighting fixtures are also a popular choice to place around the vanity mirror. This balances the light so you can clearly see your face when doing makeup, hair and other grooming. The shower might be another spot to consider having a light installed.

Upgrade to a Modern Toilet

It might not be the most glamorous fixture, but your toilet is a necessity. It can also take up a lot of space if you have a smaller bathroom. And if you have an old toilet, it can waste a significant amount of water too. Today, there are many
innovative toilet designs that are space-saving and more water-efficient. Some toilets come with hidden tanks that get installed directly in the wall. These are ideal if your bathroom is smaller. Either way, upgrading your toilet to a newer one with a low flow creates a contemporary look that will save water. is here for you whenever you want to make some upgrades to your bathroom or home. Contact us today! or give us a call at (613) 727-9427.

What Bathroom Renovations Really Costs

Renovating your bathroom may sound like a simple do-it-yourself project, but can easily come with some unforeseen costs. Bathroom renovations can be one of the best investments you can make in your home, but before you get started, you’ll need a well-informed budget of the cost of each bathroom component. Here’s what you should plan for.



  • Plumbing and Electrical – You may be able to get away with a simple renovation if you’ve got some handyman know-how, but some aspects of your project will require the licensure and expertise of a certified tradesman. Our research shows that most licensed trade work costs approximately $70-$120 per hour, with more complex installations like pot lights costing an additional $250 per light. Expect to spend about $4,000 on all plumbing and electrical work.
  • General Labor – The cost of basic labor can vary greatly from contractor to contractor, so be sure to shop around to make sure you’re getting the best price possible – without sacrificing quality, of course. In general, labor and painting costs are calculated by the square foot, so it’s a good idea to take measurements of your bathroom before beginning. On average, $1,000-$2,000 is a reasonable estimate for a midsized bathroom.
  • Demolition and Disposal – Before you begin tearing down any walls, you’ll want to make sure you’re not destroying any load-bearing structures, and that the material inside the wall isn’t hazardous. If you encounter any asbestos whatsoever, be sure to contact a professional with the proper skill set to dispose of it safely. Between the cost of demolition labor and removal, plan to set aside roughly $1,500 safely.



  • Vanity – The vanity houses the sink, faucet, and any items you plan to store, and sets the tone for the look of the rest of your bathroom. Custom vanities can cost $2,000 or more excluding installation (which costs $300-$600), while standard vanities typically range from $500-$1,500.
  • Countertops – The material of choice for most countertops is stone, and the price varies based on the quality, cut, and thickness of the material. We’ve found that most engineered stone, quartz and granite countertops cost $75-$80/sq.ft including installation, while higher-end materials like marble can range from $100-$200/sq.ft. Although a less common option, some customers have chosen wood as a countertop material with beautiful results. Wood can also be a more economical material, with prices ranging from $30-$150/sq.ft after installation. Wood can hold moisture, though, so make sure your countertops are properly sealed before going this route.
  • Tiling – Porcelain, ceramic, and marble are the primary tile materials most customers choose, with ceramic being the least expensive. Porcelain tiles are more durable and are easier to clean, so although they cost an average of $5-$10/sq.ft, they can be a better investment long-term. Our experts have found that perfectly good porcelain tiles can sometimes be found on sale for $1/sq.ft, so be sure to check the clearance section for the best possible value. Marble mosaic designs are available as a luxurious alternative, but the cost depends largely on the intricacy of the pattern design and can range anywhere from $10-$100/sq.ft.

All totaled, we’ve found that the average cost of bathroom renovations are approximately $13,393 for a midsized bathroom. Of course, the price tag of bathroom renovations could vary significantly based on location and bathroom size, so check out our cost estimation table for a more precise estimate. Of course, the biggest factor for your renovation is just how extravagant you’d like your bathroom makeover to be, so whether you have a vision for your new bathroom or would like to develop one, browse our website for idea on bathroom renovations and let us help you turn your dream bathroom into a reality!  To get in touch, give us a call today at (613) 727-9427.

How to Save Money on a Bathroom Renovation

Is your bathroom in need of an overhaul? Before you jump into a reno and pour money down the drain, read below to learn how you can save money on a bathroom renovation by being strategic with some cost-saving measures.


Refinish Rather than Replace

If your tub, vanity, plumbing fixtures or shower are looking a little rough, consider whether they can be refinished rather than replacing them entirely. If they’re simply looking rough but still operate just fine, restoring and reviving them will save a lot more money than swapping them out for something new. You can find many handy products today that make this process much easier. For example, if the bathtub is in need of attention, there’s a special coating that will spruce it back up in no time. This will also help make your reno more environmentally friendly as you’ll avoid placing old fixtures into a landfill.


Don’t Alter the Layout

Bathroom renos can quickly stretch your budget if you’re not careful. One way to trim added expenses is by keeping the layout the same. If you want more bathroom space, consider the cost-benefit and whether it’s really worth it. Moving the pipes and the toilet or resizing the room will hike up the cost dramatically. Always weigh the pros and cons before making your decision.


Don’t Touch Load Bearing Walls

Load-bearing walls are what keep the floors secure and safe above. That’s why moving them is a massive job that comes with a hefty price. Talk to your contractor about moving non-load bearing walls if needed to moderate the cost instead.


Opt for a Prefab Shower

One of the most costly projects for bathroom renovations is tearing out the shower and installing a custom tiled design. Instead of going this route, you could opt for a
prefab one-piece shower stall. These can be installed in hours, making the labour less intense and less expensive. They also look great!


Don’t Go Crazy with a New Toilet

If your current toilet is an old water waster, it makes sense to upgrade to a modern water-saving one. But toilets can also become quite costly if you get swept up in the myriad of fancy features. They don’t need to be fancy to do what they’re designed to do. So look for a quality toilet that’s well made and offers low-flush options, but avoid the excessive features if you’re looking to save. has you covered for all of your home renovation needs. When it’s time to renovate the bathroom, don’t hesitate to contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427

6 Things to Keep in Mind When Renovating Your Bathroom

Getting ready to update your bathroom this year? Undertaking a reno like this can be both exciting and a little overwhelming, even though it’s generally the smallest room in the house. Bathrooms equate to a good portion of your home value, and it’s where homebuyers pay the most attention (aside from the kitchen) when house hunting. So it’s an important process to wade through carefully. Whether you’re redoing your master suite or a smaller guest powder room, functionality should always be the focal part of your design. And of course, adding in a few chic and modern touches like granite counters or a lavish soaker tub can add a touch of luxury to your home. As a reminder, with any major renovation, you should also expect your home to look and feel a little chaotic while the work is being completed, but just remember that it’ll be well worth it! To help you prepare for your upcoming project, here are a few good things to keep in mind when renovating your bathroom.

Be Stern with Your Budget

Be warned: bathroom renos can add up quickly if you’re not careful. A basic facelift can easily turn into a full-blown remodel once you start shopping around for different features. Not sure how much is appropriate? As a general rule of thumb, if you’re tackling a smaller guest bathroom that’s in need of some serious TLC, we recommend limiting your budget to approximately 5% of your home value. If you’re focusing on the main master suite, then increase that to 10%. Whatever you decide on for an amount, be clear about your budget and stick with it.

Prioritize Your Needs

Before beginning the reno, prioritize what your bathroom really needs. Whether it’s new tiling, a new bath, or a new shower enclosure, know which features are most important to focus on and in need of replacing. This way, when you’re debating between something you want and need, you’ll be able to sacrifice that ‘want’ over what’s really needed to improve the bathroom. And remember, you don’t have to reinvent the entire layout. Whatever areas are fine, leave them be and put your attention into the features that are malfunctioning or truly outdated and desperately need replacing. This can also make it easier to stay within your budget.

Consider Alternative Materials like Porcelain

If you’re debating between certain materials to implement into your floors, counters or shower enclosure, porcelain can give you a much better bang for your buck while still looking equally as luxurious as other pricier items, like natural stone. Today, you can find a multitude of varieties that look just like real stone. Porcelain is also a durable and virtually indestructible material, so it will last for years and still look as good. Just another reason why it’s smart to consider all of your options when it comes to the materials you decide on.

What Luxury Touches Do You Enjoy?

The bathroom is meant to exude a little luxury, so consider what you dream of most for creating an ultimate relaxation space in your home. Maybe it’s a stand-alone tub or having a sleek and modern glass shower with multiple showerheads or a large vanity with dual sinks. Whatever it is, make room for one or two of those special extras that you’ve really been dreaming of, budget permitting, of course.

What’s Your Theme?

It’s helpful to have a general design theme before diving into a reno. It makes the entire process go much easier when you know what particular look you’re aiming for. This could mean a rustic country style, industrial, ultra-contemporary, or something more traditional and elegant. Find a style that you enjoy or continue whatever look you have throughout the home to make your final layout look stunning and cohesive. Otherwise, it may look out of place in comparison to the rest of your home.

Be Prepared for the Reno Process

The bathroom is obviously a pretty important room in the home. And if there’s only one to share among multiple people in the family, then you’ll have to be prepared to go without it for at least a few hours or even an entire day. So make sure to plan accordingly. Schedule the reno when the kids are away, ask relatives if you can stay with them until it’s complete or ask a close neighbour if you can use their facilities for the day – whatever works. Having a plan can make the coping process much easier and less chaotic for both you and the workers.

When you’re looking for honest, hardworking, and reliable contractors to tackle your bathroom renovation – or any other home projects, give us a call at the Renosgroup. We’ve been serving residents throughout Ottawa for years and can help transform your home, hassle-free. Contact us today, or give us a call at (613)727-9427 for a quote!

Bathroom Design 101: Popular Bathroom Renovations

Looking for some ideas to transform your old bathroom into a luxurious spa-like setting? With as much use as it gets, the bathroom always deserves a remodel to keep it updated and looking great – especially since it impacts the value of the home significantly. To create a modern masterpiece in your home, we’ve compiled some of the most popular bathroom renovations this year to inspire your new design. Here they are:

Smart Technology

It was only a matter of time before smart tech invaded the bathroom. And now it finally has! Modern homeowners can make their bathroom sleek, chic and more convenient than ever with innovative designs like high tech toilets with seat warmers, automatic lid openers, adjustable air dryers, and built-in deodorizers. This year, we’re also seeing more smart showers, automatic sinks, Bluetooth built-in speakers, and even voice-activated features for lights, mirrors, and temperature. With smart technology included in your bathroom reno, every experience can be relaxing and convenient. The future is here!

Brass, Copper & Gold Fixtures

Brass, copper, and gold might make you think of the flashy 90s, but with a modern twist, they’re one of the hottest growing trends in popular bathroom renovations this year. Each of these features display warm and rich tones that create an undeniably elegant and modern look. Whether satin, matte or spun – shades of brass, copper, and gold for faucets, sinks, or even the toilet can add timeless character and a splash of luxury to your bathroom design.

New Age Industrial Theme

Combinations of rich wooden textures, concrete, and iron make the industrial style classy and sleek with just enough rustic edge to it. The industrial theme combines notes of the classic vintage era with modern clean lines and a rich yet neutral palate. To achieve this look in your reno, consider combining metal fixtures with a large basin sink, a wooden vanity, and accent colours like brass or gold. Despite the name, the industrial style is all about creating a cozy and timeless design that’s inviting.

Funky Tiles

Manufacturers today are capable of creating the most versatile designs, even when it comes to bathroom tiles. This gives homeowners so many choices to find the perfect look for their individual space. Patterned tiles, subway tiles, wooden plank walls, exotic colours – the options are endless. Add some bold colours with your backsplash or shower walls to create a truly personalized and unique look.

Wood Vanities

We can’t get enough of the inviting warmth that wood exudes in any space. That’s why it’s still one of the most consistent trends among interior designers. And today, with the advancement of manufacturing processes, there are plenty of varieties that can enhance the design of the bathroom and hold up perfectly to moisture and humidity. Floating wood vanities are a particular favourite since they open up more floor space and emphasize a clean, minimalistic look.

Large Bath Tubs

To really relax and melt away the stress after a long day of work, a bathtub is a must. But having to squeeze into a shallow tub that’s uncomfortable can defeat the entire purpose of it. That’s why more homeowners are including a large tub in their bathroom renovations. More space means more relaxation when soaking in the bubbles. Whether it’s jacuzzi style or a classic deep soaker style, homeowners deserve some R&R in comfort!

Open Showers

Homeowners also are forgoing the cramped and contained shower for an open concept instead. With only a single, shallow step to enter and partitioning glass or tiles to contain it, open showers can eliminate that confined feeling. They can also be an ideal way to maximize space for those who are limited. Plus, it’s ideal for seniors since they won’t have to worry about stepping up into the shower.

Heated Floors

Living in a temperate climate can make morning showers painful when you have to stroll across a cold icy floor. But with heated floors, you can keep your feet nice and toasty. Underfloor heating is versatile and a worthy investment if you live in a particularly cold climate. It can be installed with concrete, tile, vinyl, wood and more. Aside from keeping your bathroom warm, this can also buffer out sound and even reduce allergy symptoms without the need for dusty forced air.

Planning a bathroom renovation in your home? Allow us to help at the Renos Group. Get professional, high-quality and friendly service for all your reno needs. We’ve been helping homeowners transform their homes for years, and we can help you too. From professional design advice to product selection to the completion of your project, we can assist with every step of your renovation process. Get in touch, or give us a call at (613)727-9427 today to discuss your needs and get an upfront quote.

How to Effortlessly Add Luxury to Your Bathroom

Creating a more luxurious design doesn’t always have to include a major overhaul. You can effortlessly add luxury to your bathroom by making a few minor changes, and by focusing on those focal areas that really count in the design. Learn how to transform your bathroom into a blissful spa-like oasis with our handy tips below.

Upgrade Your Flooring

If your tiles are almost dizzying to look at, scream the 1980s, or just look old, worn and frail, then there’s no way around it – they’ve got to be replaced. But again, this doesn’t mean you need to blow through your entire budget for new flooring. Today, there are so many different varieties to choose from, including impressive faux wood and even concrete if you prefer the industrial look. If your tiles are in half decent shape, then consider simply using commercial grade cleaner to remove any grim and dirt along the grout to spiff them up.

Throw Down A Quality Rug

Another quick and simple way for instantly improving the look of your floor is by replacing your old, worn mats with something a little more higher-end, like a Persian or shag-style rug. This can hide any semi-rough patches on your floor and spiff up the entire look of your bathroom with some plush softness under your toes.

Replace Your Shower Faucet

A shower faucet that sputters and splashes should also be replaced. The shower is where you get to pamper yourself and unwind after a long, hard day at work. So don’t be afraid to splurge a little to upgrade your showerhead to something you’ll love and appreciate each and every day. Shower renovations to replace this can also be done locally! Rain style and Smart showerheads are two popular choices today. But you can find all sorts of styles to suit your home and budget.

Replace Vanity, Sink and Faucets

What’s your first impression when you look at your sink and vanity area? If it’s drab and unimpressive, it should be renovated since this is one of the focal areas of the bathroom that our eyes are drawn to first. So it counts! The good news is that you can easily find a new vanity for very affordable prices today. Add on a chic and modern bowl sink with polished brass or silver faucets, and you’ll be amazed at how much this will enhance the entire look of your bathroom. Don’t forget to check out our online product showroom and consult with a professional about the installation.

Hang Some Art

One of the easiest ways to effortlessly add luxury to your bathroom is by simply personalizing it with some art or frame photos. This will give your bathroom some added flair and show off your personal, artistic style.

Add Some Greenery

Adding some greenery throughout the home not only helps to spruce up the place instantly, but it also helps improve the quality of air and even your mood. So consider where you can add some plants in your bathroom. Some good suggestions for plants include English Ivy, Boston ferns, Peace Lily and Spire plants, all of which can add that elegant little touch to your space.

Focus On Finishing Touches

Finishing touches make all the difference, and the bathroom is no exception. Replace that old toilet brush and garbage bin with ceramic, or stainless steel ones, get some luxurious fluffy towels that match your colour scheme. You can even take some ideas from luxury hotels by placing a vintage tray with spa-like items, lotion or rolled up hand towels and more.

Luxury Lighting

Lighting is always important in the bathroom. You need to be able to see what you’re doing, but at the same time, you want a cozy space that isn’t always drenched in bright, blinding light – especially when you want to enjoy a soothing soak in the tub. If your bathroom currently has overpowering lighting, or it’s just dingy looking, swap it out for something new and modern instead. Installing a dimmer switch can also come in handy when you want to adjust the level of light for your needs.

Statement & Ornate Mirrors

The mirror is also a small but significant feature that helps tie your design together. When choosing your statement mirror, just make sure it goes with the theme of your bathroom – whether it’s rustic farmhouse, modern and minimalistic, traditional or vintage.

As you can see, there are so many different ways to add luxury to your bathroom and home, without taking on a significant renovation or spending more than your budget permits. Often, it just means focusing on the areas that are most in need of some TLC. Performing a few minor upgrades, like the shower, floor, sink or vanity, can make all the difference in transforming your bathroom into a luxury haven that you can feel proud to show off to your guests. At RenosGroup, we can help you make that dream bathroom a reality. Contact us, or give our expert team a call at (613)727-9427 to get started on your home project!

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