Choosing The Right Flooring For Your Custom Kitchen

Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Custom Kitchen

Creating a custom kitchen can improve the quality of the home, making it more livable and even more attractive to future buyers. One aspect of a custom kitchen that often presents a challenge is the flooring. With that in mind, let’s review some of the most commonly used materials to help in choosing the right flooring for your kitchen.


Wood feels more inviting when you walk on it than stone. It is warm, and can be bright or rustic depending on the stain used. When finished properly, the wood floor can withstand frequent use and even spills. The primary issue with wood kitchen flooring is in the price. Laminate can be a cost-effective alternative, though it is much less durable than hardwood.


Long gone are the days where vinyl only comes in one or two generally repulsive colours. Now vinyl offers the widest colour and patterning selection available, making countless combinations possible. In addition, they are among the least expensive flooring options out there, and resistant to water to boot. The downside is that many people consider vinyl to be cheap and instead go for something like wood or tiling.


In addition to wood, you may want to consider cork. Durable, resistant to water, and resistant to impact, cork is generally versatile and reliable. However, expect it to wear a bit more than other materials on this list.

Tile Or Stone

If the kitchen is in a part of your home where there is a lot of traffic, then tile, stone, and even concrete work very well. Whether they are ceramic, tile, or stone, you will have many different options for creating the colours, textures, and feel of your kitchen. At the same time, you face some of the highest prices for kitchen floors. In the end, you may save more by looking for a local source of the material where shipping and reselling fees will be less.


Limestone is separate from tile or stone because it is composed of a porous material that will stain and damage easily if not sealed. Along with being sealed when first installed, it will need to be sealed every two years after.

In addition, there is the cost that can be higher as well. So, why bother? Well, limestone offers an old world look that is captivating and it can bring an entire kitchen together.

Regardless of the material you choose, consider hiring a professional renovation contractor in Ottawa like With years of experience and countless past jobs helping out people like you, a contractor will speed up the process, make sure a high-quality job is done, and even save you materials on supplies and overall cost when compared to DIY. 

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