Designing a Playroom the Kids Will Love

Designing a playroom the kids will love.

Let’s be honest, designing a play area for your child is almost as much of a thrill for you as it is for them. It’s just about the only household project that’s fun and exciting to create because you get to be a little wild and crazy with the design. You can splash on some bold colours or funky wallpaper on the walls that would never be “approved” anywhere else.  And the best part of all is that you get to see the smile on your child’s face when all is said and done. As a parent, it truly is one of the best household projects to undertake.  So when you begin to think about creating a special space for your kids, here are some important factors to consider when designing a playroom the kids will love.

The Design and Layout

Before you go crazy with the Disney characters or bright pink carpeting, take a moment to first consider how quickly your children will grow and inevitably change their tastes and preferences. So when it comes to the layout, you should always take this into careful consideration when choosing design features that are more permanent (or ones you at least don’t want to have to change often), such as carpeting or wallpaper.

They may look great now, but give it a few years and you (and your child) might be regretting it.

Designing a Playroom the Kids Will Love

Type of Flooring

As mentioned, flooring is one of those choices that must be given some serious thought before throwing down the first selection you like. Take the time to really consider safety, aesthetics and of course, whether it will make sense in the near future. Because after a few months when your child has grown, you want that flooring to still hold well to wear and tear, while not looking completely out-dated.

Some great options for you to consider that can provide you with each of these elements include cork, laminate, hardwood, and soft yet durable carpeting.

Optimal Storage

Of course, every playroom needs to have an appropriate amount of storage to tidy away all of those toys and crafts. Incorporating this into the design is a must in order to keep it clean and tidy.

Whether it’s some toy boxes, cubed shelves and drawers – be sure that there is always some area that can house all of those toys.

When it comes down to designing a playroom that the kids will love, it’s all about creating a space that is safe, fun and functional. And by considering a few of these key design elements, you can make a space that will serve both you and your kids well into the future.

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