Hardwood or Laminate? The Great Debate

hardwood floor versus laminate floor

When it’s time to replace your flooring, the debate between both hardwood and laminate materials is one that many homeowners can be faced with. Hardwood and laminate flooring can both be great options to enhance the design of your home, but the best way to feel confident about choosing the right material for your interior is by exploring the pros and cons of each option.


Hardwood is more susceptible to scratching

Hardwood is made of natural wood, so it will show signs of wear and tear easier than laminate. Dragging furniture along the floor or dropping toys on it can scratch it up easily, especially if you have a busy household where you expect your floor to deal with a lot of rough, excessive foot traffic.

Laminate stands up better against wear and tear

Laminate isn’t a natural wood and is instead, comprised of pressed wood. Therefore, it won’t be as easily prone to wear and tear or scratches. This is what makes laminate a more favourable option within active households, especially with young children or pets.


Hardwood is beautiful and adds character

Hardwood surpasses laminate with appeal and aesthetics. The natural warmth, charm, and character from hardwood make it one of the most popular choices for flooring among homeowners.

Laminate isn’t as timeless

Laminate can be much more durable and easier to maintain, but the artificial look that it displays can be a major drawback. From afar laminate mimics the look of wood, but up close it doesn’t compare with the real deal.


Laminate is the affordable option

Laminate flooring is cheaper than hardwood since it is made from composite wood. The composite materials that are contained in the laminate wood are much cheaper than the real, natural hardwoods. Therefore, if you’re searching for the most budget-friendly option, laminate is the better option.

Hardwood is more expensive, but adds tremendous value

Hardwood requires a much more labour-intensive process since it is harvested from trees, milled into planks, graded, planed, smoothed, leveled, and stained. Pricing will vary depending on the type of species that you choose. Though hardwood is more expensive per square foot, the value it adds to your home makes it worth the price.


Refinishing gives new life to hardwood floors

Hardwood is more prone to displaying scratches and wear and tear, but this can also add character to the surface. However, when it is time to perform some necessary repairs, this can be done by sanding away the imperfections and then refinishing the surface.

Before off replacing laminate than repairing

Laminate often comes in individual segments that are installed by snapping them together. Although these pieces can sometimes be replaced, they can highlight the difference if the surrounding pieces have endured much wear and tear, or have faded from natural light over the years. This makes laminate more difficult to repair than hardwood.

If you’re debating between hardwood or laminate flooring, consider the price, durability, and repair of each. Beyond the visual appeal, it’s important to select a material that will keep up with your lifestyle. If you have young children, pets, or don’t plan to be in the home for long, then laminate wood could be the best option for you. However if you are looking to incorporate that timeless look into your design and add value, hardwood is the right material for your home.  Contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427