Hoping to Remodel? Watch Out for These Five Renovation Trends

Hoping to Remodel? Watch Out for These Five Renovation Trends

Homeowners have plenty of reasons to rejoice this year thanks to some innovative home renovation trends. With an increase in job availability, consumers should seek new improvements for convenient, affordable, and attractive living. This year brings some of the most ingenious advancements to home renovations. Many consumers chose to make outdoor improvements. With this summer being one of the hottest ever, everything from outdoor pizza ovens to smart ceiling fans caught homeowners’ attention. But as the demand for efficient and appealing remodeling increases, aspiring renovators may wish to focus on their bathrooms and kitchens. Read on to learn about five fascinating home renovation trends.

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Beautiful Plant Life and Refrigerated Medicine Cabinets

This year, homeowners were excited to see the latest trends in bathroom design. Bathrooms often tend to be among the least appealing rooms in the home. However, renovators are now redesigning by bringing plant life inside the house. Meanwhile, medicine cabinets now have built-in refrigeration systems perfect for storing medications and organic skin care products.

Built-In Stereo Systems and Eco-Friendly Showerheads

Showering is more fun than ever this year thanks to trending technology for bathrooms. Showerheads come equipped with H2O kinetic technology making water usage highly efficient and just as pleasant. Meanwhile, renovators can purchase technology and enjoy soaking in surround sound with built-in stereo equipment with no visible speakers. These latest bathroom renovation trends should make remodeling your bathroom one of your top priorities.

Hands-Free Kitchen Gadgets

Everyone loves convenience, right? Few home renovation trends are as exciting as kitchens with handleless, easy to use appliances. Thanks to inventions such as the Miele’s Generation 6000 dishwasher, homeowners are now considering the latest “knock2open” technology. Knock twice and your dishwasher opens. Other hands-free kitchen appliances include motion-activated sinks that keep your water running as long as a sensor detects dishes underneath. What’s more, consumers still get the attractive, high-quality and highly efficient models they need.

Mobility Renovations

Aging citizens and people with mobility issues prove that these latest renovation trends provide incredibly valuable for the elderly, while also benefiting children and younger adults, particularly those new to the cooking environment. Renovations such as lowered counters in the kitchen, safety flooring throughout the house, hands-free lighting, and grab bars in the bathroom make living comfortable for everybody.

If you’re hoping to remodel, don’t wait until the trends go out of style. Now is the time to renovate your home with five of this year’s most surprising home renovations trends. Contact RenosGroup.ca to learn more.  Contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427