How Mobility Renovations Can Help Seniors

How Mobility Renovations Can Help Seniors

Surveys indicate that the vast majority of seniors wish to remain in their homes. This desire may be hampered by space restrictions, accessibility issues, and safety concerns in many homes. Fortunately, mobility renovations are a great way to allow seniors to maintain their independence and safety while remaining in their beloved homes. Even better, Ontario seniors are eligible to receive up to $1,500 through the Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit. Here are some of the fantastic ways mobility renovations can help seniors:


Your bathroom is an integral part of your daily hygiene routine. However, traditional bathroom features can be difficult for seniors with mobility issues to use. Slippery floors can put your safety at risk. Mobility renovators can install non-slip flooring and walk-in bathtubs, or shower stalls to protect your safety. Bath seats and benches improve safety; while grab bars in the shower and by the toilet can also help. Hands-free faucets make everything easier for people with mobility limitations.


Being able to safely make meals is an important part of happy and independent living for seniors. Mobility renovators can improve the accessibility of your kitchen so you can continue to enjoy cooking as the years pass. Existing countertops and cupboards can be lowered to make access easier. As with the bathroom, hands-free taps can be installed. There are also many customizations that can be made to improve accessibility for seniors, like installing touch latches on drawers and cupboards.


Staircases can be quite difficult for seniors with mobility limitations. Mobility renovators can mount safety handrails, improve lighting, or install a mechanical stair lift. It is also possible to widen the stairway and lay down reflective non-slip tape to make it easier to walk up and down the stairs.


Especially in our tough Canadian winters, it can be very difficult for seniors to travel to and from the car to the house. Mobility renovators can make this process less strenuous by installing an exterior wheelchair or walker ramp to facilitate entrance into the house. Doorways can also be widened to make it easier to get inside the house in a wheelchair. Finally, outdoor light fixtures can be improved and locks can be changed to make them easier to use.

Home mobility renovations can help seniors live many happy and independent years in their homes without having to move to senior care facilities.  If you need some help please don’t hesitate to contact us, or give us a call at (613)727-9427