How to Make a Safe & Accessible Kitchen

Make a Safe & Accessible Kitchen

As we age, we unfortunately begin to develop physical limitations and challenges which make life difficult in our current homes without adjustments. Fortunately, mobility renovations can allow you to remain in your beloved home instead of having to move to a care facility. Next to the bathroom, the kitchen should take priority when it comes to making the home more accommodating. Here are some features to include in a safe and accessible kitchen:


Countertops & Cupboards

Existing countertops and cupboards are often too high for someone a wheelchair to use safely or functionally. You can put yourself in danger trying to reach for a glass in a tall cupboard or trying to chop vegetables on a high countertop. Mobility renovators can replace the existing countertops and cupboards for lower ones that are much more accessible and therefore safer. Mobility renovators can also install adjustable countertops and cupboards to accommodate other residents in the house and serve a more long-term purpose as needs change.

Drawers & Cabinets

Traditional drawers and cabinets with knobs or handlebars may be difficult for people with diminishing dexterity to use, like people with arthritis. Touch and release drawers and cabinets are easy and safe for everyone to use.


Lighting & Outlets

Mobility renovators can improve lighting for visibility, which can be helpful for residents with declining vision. Likewise, they can place light switches and electrical outlets in more accessible locations rather than high up on the wall or at the back of a deep counter.


Knobs on taps can be difficult for people with arthritis to use, and may be hard for you to reach if you are in a wheelchair. Mobility renovators can relocate taps to a more convenient position or install hands-free taps for easy use.


If the existing flooring in the kitchen is made of slippery material, a fall while holding a knife or carrying a hot pot of water could be tragic. You can purchase non-slip flooring mats, or mobility renovators can install non-slip flooring to keep things safe.

Pull-Out Shelves

If counters are too high to use when seated, you should investigate installing pull-out shelves. These will pull out to allow you to cut, chop, mix, and dice while in a comfortable seating position. Pull-out shelves can be tucked away to save space when not in use.

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