Invite Spring Into Your Home with A Bright New Kitchen

Invite Spring Into Your Home with A Bright New Kitchen

Renovating and sprucing up your home with a new kitchen is a great way to welcome back the warmer weather. And even though you may be able to spot a few homes still strung with holiday décor in your neighbourhood, it’s finally time to get ready to dust away those winter blues and make way for the spring. So why not invite spring into your home with a bright new kitchen to help you truly usher in the arrival of the season?

Here are some spring-inspired reno ideas to consider.

Open Concept

No one enjoys feeling boxed in or tucked away from all the action. If you have a dated kitchen design that forces you to duck beneath the cupboards to see your guests on the other side, it’s time for an update. One of the best ways to create a bright new kitchen design is to make it an open concept. An open floor plan will maximize the natural light and allow you to converse and entertain your guests while you’re preparing their cocktails. It won’t take long for you to notice just how airy and easy it is to move around in.

Focus On lighter Materials & Colours

Having predominantly dark finishes on your cupboards or countertops can really detract from your entire home design and create a dark and gloomy-looking space, even during a glorious spring day. So think about the materials and colours that you use before going ahead with them. Instead of dark colours and materials that absorb light, focus on adding lighter ones to create a fresh, reflective, and bright new kitchen.

Add Some Cheery Elements

Accent features like soft yellow sheers for the windows or a vibrant backsplash with colourful tiling can add those special spring touches that will really make your new kitchen pop. Think about using accent materials with bright colours that you enjoy. Florals and patterns are also great to integrate for that extra spring touch.

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