Remodelling for Empty Nesters

Remodelling for Empty Nesters

You’ve finally reached that point in life where the kids have flown from the nest and you’re suddenly left with a big old empty home with an abundance of space you forgot you had. So now what? Start thinking about what you want! If you’re in search of some ideas to inspire you, here are some popular ideas when it comes to remodelling for empty nesters.

Woman Cave, Man Cave

Who says that women can’t have their own dedicated rooms just like the man caves? Whether it’s one or both, why not create a room that’s dedicated to you? It could be a meditation room where you can store all of your favourite cushions, candles, and incense, or an arts and crafts room for when you’re in the mood to paint. Whatever your hobby and interests may be, having a room that’s dedicated for this purpose provides you with the perfect place to enjoy doing what you love.

Remodelling for Empty Nesters


Who doesn’t dream of converting a room into their very own personal library? Just imagine your favourite books lining the walls from floor to ceiling, with a sliding ladder and two comfy chairs to fully allow your imagination to wonder.

Home Gym

You know those long and cold winter months that force you to hibernate and reject most forms of physical exercise? Well forget about making that long trek to the gym. Create you own personal gym in the comfort of home. You can easily hop online to your local buy and sell website to find a few great deals on equipment. You’ll have no more excuses for avoiding those workouts!

Wine Room

If you’re a wine lover and happen to have a spare room in the basement courtesy of your adult child’s departure, it just makes sense to create a room full of wine, right? There’s no justification required! Who doesn’t dream of this? With that cool, dark room, you can easily line those walls with wine racks to show off your new collection to your friends each and every time they visit.

Home Office

Distractions are one of the biggest hindrances for being productive and getting work done. That’s why home offices are one of the most popular when it comes to remodelling for empty nesters. So if you’ve got work to do, with no space to do it, a home office could be a great addition to your home.

Once that initial shock has worn off from having a plethora of space and time on your hands, it’s time to start thinking selfishly, and these ideas are perfect for getting you started.

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