Make Your House Wheelchair Accessible

When it comes to certain home designs, sometimes there simply isn’t enough room to provide accessibility or convenience for wheelchairs. Life can become extremely frustrating when you feel limited even within the comfort of your own home. But with a few renovations, you can provide the necessary space and layout to access every area of the home with ease.  Here are just a few sample ways in which we can help make your house wheelchair accessible.

Improving Accessibility

Wider Doorways

Doorways can be altered and widened in order to provide easy access to each and every room of the home without the challenge or struggle of maneuvering the wheelchair through them.

Lowered Countertops, Tables & Bathroom Fixtures

Being unable to reach countertops, sinks and tabletops is another common challenge that creates limitations for those in wheelchairs. With a few alterations, we can lower those surfaces and provide you or a loved one with the suitable height that removes those barriers and provides access.

Handrails for Bathroom and Seat for Shower

Don’t risk a slip and fall. Handrails can easily be installed near the toilet or inside the shower stall and tub. In addition, you have the option of having a seat installed inside of the bathtub or shower stall to help make it more comfortable by providing you with a seat as you cleanse.

Non-Slip Floors and Coverings

No matter what type of flooring you have, it can either be damaged from constant wear and tear from a wheelchair or even provide a hazardous surface on some uncarpeted surfaces. Non-slip floorings and coverings can prevent those problems by protecting your floors and minimizing any hazardous, slippery surfaces.

Safety, Space, and Accessibility

No one should feel limited within their own home. Making your house wheelchair accessible can be achieved in a variety of ways. Whether it’s opening up the doorways, installing handrails in the bathroom, or lowering counters and table tops to provide easy access, any renovations that can make life at home feel comfortable and easy is always well worth it.

No matter what your needs may be, we can provide you with the information and expertise that are necessary for improving wheelchair accessibility. We’re here to provide you with the renovations that can help make life at home what it should be – without limitations so you can feel comfortable, confident and gain back your independence.

Here at, we specialize in mobility renovations, barrier-free renovations, and accessibility renovations. Call us at (613)727-9427 or contact us to book a free consultation to learn more!

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