Our Top 5 Favourite Bathroom Reno Trends

Our Top 5 Favourite Bathroom Reno Trends

If you’re ready to give your bathroom a facelift and are wondering what the hottest bathroom reno trends are right now, we’ve got you covered! From luxurious materials to modern twists on classic features, you can easily show off a little personality and flair in your new and improved bathroom. To help get you inspired, here are our top 5 favourite bathroom reno trends this year.

Efficiency And Small-Scale Luxury

For many homeowners, home designs today often involve tighter living spaces, and that includes the bathroom. As much as you’d love to have that soaker tub that’s featured in your favourite interior design magazine, it’s just not possible. But, that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice on luxury for the sake of size. With this growing small-scale layout, one of our favourite bathroom reno trends is focused on efficient design and smart storage, even for those tighter spaces. Efficient use of space is crucial to make your bathroom feel comfortable instead of cramped. Using smaller, yet aesthetically appealing elements like a smaller toilet, sink bowls, walk-in showers and floating shelves can allow you to achieve this.

Unique Tiles

Today, you can find so many stunning tile designs that can really make any space in your home stand out. Whether it’s glass tiles, bold colours or even textured tiling that can mimic wood, the options are endless. So take advantage and make your bathroom reno personalized and unique by getting creative with the tiling to create those bold accents.

Brass & Gold

Brass and gold coloured fixtures are making a strong comeback this year also.  Forget about the tacky trends of the 80s and 90s. Today, you can find warmer tones that look chic, classic and luxurious. Different finishes range from satin, matte, spun gold and more to add some unique flair to your faucets.

High-Tech Bathrooms

Of course, with the rapid tech-based evolution that’s occurring these days, we can’t forget about the bathroom. The growing trend of high-tech bathrooms includes toilets with features like seat warmers, adjustable air dryer, deodorizer, automatic lids openers and more. You can also find heated flooring and even smart showers that can automatically remember and adjust the temperature to your liking. The future is here, and it can be a part of your new bathroom design!

Floating Vanities

Functionality and design must go hand in hand with any update, and that’s why floating vanities have been growing in popularity this year. Whether you have a large bathroom or small, they can free up more floor space and customized for height, while adding a stylish and impressive focal feature into your design.

And there you have our top favourite bathroom reno trends for this year! With so many impressive and exciting elements to play with, you can create the perfect design you’ve been dreaming of. And when you’re ready to get started, contact us or give us a call at (613)727-9427.  We can take care of it all for you!