What’s the Deal with Coach Houses in Ottawa?

What’s the Deal with Coach Houses in Ottawa?

What’s the Deal with Coach Houses in Ottawa? In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of Ottawa coach houses, answering all your questions about these versatile secondary suites.

The idea of “bigger is better” for homes is not supported by all. In fact, a new craze has hit Ottawa, making coach houses the talk of the town.

What is a coach house?

A coach house is a smaller house that exists on the property of an existing dwelling. They are oftentimes referred to as a secondary dwelling. It’s like a regular house, but tiny. Depending on the design style and size, there can be different rooms or it can be an open bachelor pad style. The design style is key to making the coach house function, talk to RenosGroup.ca and we will guide you in the right direction for the best possible coach house.

Who are coach houses ideal for?

Coach houses are ideal for many people! It’s an ideal income property for someone who is willing to give up some of their yard for the coach house to be built. Since the houses are small it’s easy to fit them up with high-end finishes so as to attract the right tenant. Coach houses are also amazing as an “in-law suite.” If your parents are aging and you want them closer to you, but not sharing a bathroom with you, then having them live in a coach house on your property is the best possible answer.

What’s the Deal with Coach Houses in Ottawa

Can I build my own coach house in Ottawa?

Well sure you can try, but it’s not like building a clubhouse for your kids. A coach house has many of the same amenities found in a regular size house, so unless you are a skilled contractor who builds houses for a living, it’s best to leave it up to the professionals.  The coach house will need to be fitted up with plumbing, electricity and gas just as a regular house would, so it’s not the project to be taken on by the average handyman. In order to be a livable dwelling, it must pass all building and fire codes. If you are thinking about putting a coach house on your property, you should start with a phone call to the RenosGroup.ca.

Does it have to be built from scratch?

Not at all! There is room for creative design here, so if you have an existing structure on your property that you think is stable enough to be retrofitted into a residential dwelling then a professional can turn that dream into reality. Obviously an old barn that is one windstorm away from being firewood is not the ideal candidate, but structurally sound detached garages or large sheds can likely be turned into a coach house in the hands of a professional. The structure must have a fixed foundation. If you have no suitable structure on your property, it can be built from scratch to your exact specifications and design tastes.

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