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Home Addition Ottawa – West Ridge

Our home addition projects by Renosgroup are what we take pride in. Our home addition projects include a range of remodeling changes in the house. With the budget we are provided, we aim to deliver results that exceed our client’s expectations. The project at West Ridge, Stittsville, was a reputable project, and we understood all the dimensions that we needed to work from.

For the home addition project at West Ridge, Stittsville, we gave the house a complete interior and exterior makeover. We constructed a new space in the front porch area. Here, the living room of West Ridge, Stittsville, was extended, and a beautiful new living space was reconstructed. We took a minimalist yet eccentric approach while remodeling the living area. 

After we had finished the construction of the new room, we started remodeling the house to make it look its best. We painted the ceiling white and the walls a lemony-light yellow. We added massive sliding windows right in the center of the room and added white trims around them. We also added decorative framing to the wall edges as well which helped in creating an attractive design statement for the room. 

We laid vinyl flooring with a beautiful design across the living room. It is the perfect flooring option we had, considering we had to stay within the budget, and it provides a perfect balance of firmness. Vinyl floors give a very comfortable underfoot feel that not a lot of living room flooring options give.

Just like the West Ridge, Stittsville project we can also help you remodel your house. Contact us now by filling out our online form or giving us a call at (613) 727-9427.Our team will reach out to you and list down your demands and provide you a quotation according to that. Our builders and designers will make sure everything happens the way you want it and provide you with their professional advice as well.

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