Basement Bathroom Renovation – Louis Riel Drive, Orleans

Basement Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Louis Riel Drive

The basement bathroom renovation at Louis Riel Drive, Orleans was one that our team at Renosgroup recently completed. This renovation was different from what we normally do and hence was a challenge, but our team was able to successfully complete it as per the client’s expectations.

We started the bathroom renovation by flooring the whole bathroom area with tiles. We stuck to using different tiles in different parts of the bathroom for a contrasting effect. For the bathtub, we used cream-colored tile. The one for the sink was a simple dark brown. For the toilet area, we stuck to a brown mosaic tile. These tiles added a lot of structure to the place.

After this was done, we installed the bathtub to the bathroom. The bathtub our team decided on was extremely classy with a custom-made acrylic build. Once this was installed in place, we got to work on other things like a new shower faucet and an attached shower head.

Lastly, we also added a three-shelf storage shower caddy for the bathroom. This was attached to maximize storage. Once the tub was fully completed, we moved on to the sink area of the bathroom. For the sink, we firstly installed a marble top that was light brown. On top of this, we added the new sink basin that was square-shaped.

Once those were attached, we moved on to working on the vanity for the bathroom. The vanity was chosen to be in white with several drawers to make sure there was enough storage space. After this, we also attached some light fixtures for the sink. Finally, we also added a new toilet to the bathroom that was dual-flush and thus saved water and maximized efficiency.

Once the basement bathroom renovation at Louis Riel Drive, Orleans was completed, our clients were left in awe. If you are also on the lookout for a bathroom renovation, call Renosgroup right now on (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form for a free quote.

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