Basement Renovation Ottawa – Minnetonka Road

Basement Renovation Ottawa – Minnetonka Road

Are you looking for the best place for basement renovations in Ottawa at Minnetonka Road because you’re tired of having a basement everyone is afraid of going to? Well then, look no further. At Renosgroup, we specialize in providing all types of home improvement services, especially when it comes to basement renovations.

We’ve worked on several different basement renovation projects, particularly in Ottawa at Minnetonka road, which is why we have an extensive portfolio. We strive to always meet the demands of our clients and make their vision come to life. To help you gain insight into this, here is a summary of one of the projects that we have worked on.

In this basement renovation project, our client wanted to freshen up their basement for their children with the use of soft and fresh colors, which is why we landed on the color sky blue. Once all the walls were painted, we then painted the wall trims with white paint along with the roof.

All the electrical switch covers and ventilation grills were installed.  For the floor, our client wanted something neutral which would work well with any future paint jobs that they get for their basement, which is why we installed luxury vinyl wide planks.

Lighting is an incredibly important element when it comes to brightening up a space, such as a basement, that does not get any natural light. Therefore, we installed several pot lights all across the different rooms. Each room served its own purpose, which we helped install as well. This installation included a laundry room, a rec room for the kids and their friends to enjoy, and, lastly, a bathroom. 

Now, the only thing standing between you and your dream basement is just a phone call. So, don’t hesitate to call us now at (613) 727-9427. In fact, if you fill out our online form, you will not only be able to book an appointment, but you will also receive a free estimate from us, as our form has a section where you can briefly describe what your basement renovations entail.

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