Basement Renovation Ottawa – Pattermead Cres

Basement Renovation Ottawa – Pattermead Cres

The Patternead Crescent projects collaborate with Renosgroup for an extensive renovation. Our team of designers and planners created a plan that was well-revised before being executed by our constructors.

The basement renovation at Pattermead Crescent, Ottawa, was an extensive yet simple remodeling project carried out by our team of experts. The experience of our professional planners helped us achieve the ideal renovation for the basement. We started our project by laying vinyl flooring throughout the basement. The vinyl flooring was an ideal flooring option considering they are made to be waterproof. They can be exposed to humid environments for days and still won’t show any signs of damage. 

We put up carpets on the staircase to reduce any risks of falls. Even if they don’t prevent falls, they will always reduce the impact on to surface one might have. We also added trims against the walls, windows, and doors to create intricate detailing in the simple basement. 

We put up a sink with white cabinets underneath it that gave a clean, chic impression of the room. The pull-out faucet may appear to be a simple option that was installed at the sink, but it brought the modern vibe to flow through the bath seamlessly.

We also made minor remodeling changes in the bathroom attached. We installed a standard dual flush toilet along with a sink with a stone top.              

The Renosgroup services make sure that the design we are executing last you for a long time and does not get damaged in just a few days. We use quality products to ensure hygiene and prevent your area from getting damaged. If you wish to get your basement revamped, you canget your free in-house consultation now by filling out our online form or giving us a call at (613) 727-9427.

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