Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Hearn

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Hearn

Bathroom renovations have always played a huge part in house renovations, and ensuring your bathroom has everything you need is quintessential. For this reason, there is no reason for you to compromise on quality; thus, hiring Renosgroup to get your job done effectively is a perfect choice. 

Recently, our team took up a project for a bathroom renovation in Hearn, Stittsville. This project was quite different from any other project we have performed and thus, presented us with a chance to show our creativity in a new way. 

For this project, our client wanted to change the look of his bathroom to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Initially, the bathroom had a wall separating the shower from the soaker tub. However, our team removed the wall as it made the bathroom look disorganized. 

We replaced it with a custom-made glass shower enclosure within the bathroom to create a separate space for showering and bathing. We then also removed the soaker tub to refigure the tub deck and re-tiled the area around the tub. The tiles we used were white and gave the bathroom a neutral, spacious, and clean look. 

Once this was done, we installed a new acrylic shower base that added to the structure and utility of the place. We also tiled the shower walls in white color and replaced the shower faucet. Another touch we added was to attach a marble corner caddy that was provided by the clients themselves. 

With all these additions and reconfigurations, the bathroom looked as good as new and was in the best shape possible. We also added a new warm-toned light fixture that was waterproof for the shower as well. The changes made a huge difference to the bathroom and made it feel classic and compact, which is exactly the look our clients wanted to go for.

If you are looking for a bathroom renovation and don’t know where to go, Renosgroup is your one-stop solution to every need. To get a free quote, fill out this online form or call us at (613) 727-9427 to get more information!

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