Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Nestow Drive

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Nestow Drive

If you are currently looking to revamp your bathroom and find it difficult to hire a group, Renosgroup is here for you. With our team of hardworking individuals, we ensure to make the bathroom renovation process super smooth for you.

A recent project was done of bathroom renovation at Nestow Drive, Ottawa. Where our team fully revamped the bathroom. For this, they first decided to retile the floor of the bathroom. The tiles used by us were light grey colored and gave the bathroom a lot of structure.

The tiles also went well with the newly attached bathtub. This bathtub was custom-made according to the size of the bathroom and was white in color. The tub had a sleek design while also being highly functional and convenient to use. To add to it, we also attached a new shower faucet as well as a removable hand shower. This allowed our clients to be able to use it as per their choice.

Alongside these changes, we also ensured to add a safety bar right next to the bath area so that clients are not at risk of hurting themselves while bathing. On the side of the wall, we attached a three-shelved shower caddy. This was installed for storage purposes and proved to be extremely handy for our client.

We also decided to add a steel curtain rod for this bathroom. With the placement of shower curtains, the client may use the tub according to their privacy. All in all, this bathroom, with its beautiful shower tub, shower caddy, steel curtain rod, and extremely useful and trendy faucets, was just what our client required from us.

If you are also looking for a bathroom that ticks all your requirements, like the one in Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Nestow Drive, then call Renosgroup right away at (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form for a free quote.

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