Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Savard Street

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Savard Street

Renosgroup is known to be a market leader in providing the best bathroom renovation services in Ottawa. We offer all types of home improvement services but are specifically known to specialize in bathroom renovations. So, no matter what idea you have in your mind for your bathroom renovation, we will be able to turn it into reality.

Over the years, we have completed many bathroom renovation projects and, therefore, have built up the expertise and experience required to build your dream bathroom. As a result, we have an incredibly extensive portfolio of bathroom renovation projects that we have worked on. To help you understand the different bathroom renovation projects that we have worked on, here is a brief description of one of the bathroom renovations at Savard Street, Ottawa.

In this project, our client wanted us to renovate their entire bathroom, from new tiles to new fixtures; we did it all. For projects like this, the bathroom must first be stripped down and then built back up. So, our starting point was the tiles. We began by retiling the entire bathroom, with spotted custom tiles on the floor and white tiles on the shower walls.

We then started on the shower area, which would be situated right at the end of the bathroom. First, our team installed a white acrylic tub. However, the client’s favorite part about the shower area renovation was the part where we installed an acrylic three-shelf shower caddy. They loved that they had storage space that took up no space at all.

Next, we finished the shower area with stainless steel faucets and a shower curtain railing. We also installed a white toilet that went perfectly with the theme of the shower area, along with a resin sink.

So, there is no need to hesitate. Call us now at (613) 727-9427 for any further queries. You can also fill out this form to schedule your appointment with our team.

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