Brady Avenue Kitchen

Kitchen Renovation Ottawa – Brady Avenue

The Renosgroup has plenty of experience in kitchen renovation, which is evident through the numerous projects we have worked on. We are considerate of what is asked of us, and we make sure to deliver the renovation that is asked of us. The Brady Avenue, Ottawa kitchen project was also one of the creative projects we got to work with. 

Since the storage element was our prime focuses while the kitchen renovation, we installed white flat-panel kitchen cabinets that offered hard lines and minimalistic form; this was also a great fit for the contemporary-styled kitchen aesthetics that we were going for. We started our project at Brady Avenue, Ottaway, creating spaces where the appliances are supposed to be installed. 

We followed that by installing white tile backsplashes that complemented the dark oak hardwood flooring. We found that the elegant and dark-themed kitchen would go best with a granite countertop. Although a granite countertop is amongst the most popular choice for countertops, for this project, the chic style came through with the addition of it. We finished our project by including a stainless-steel sink and a beautiful black colored pull-out faucet. 

Since we chose darker accents to highlight the exclusivity of the kitchen, it was important that the lighting was ambient and luminous. We went with accent lighting to light up the kitchen, which provided maximum visual interest in the kitchen appeal.

At the Renosgroup services we make sure to listen to you and design your kitchens the way you want. In case you are confused, you can fill out our online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427. Our team will reach out to you and our builders and designers will be there to help you decide and finalize a design for your kitchen. We will make sure to work around your budget and give you the best experience.

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