Kitchen Renovation Ottawa – Bryant Street, Kanata

Kitchen Renovation Ottawa – Bryant Street, Kanata

Kitchen Renovations demand creative approaches while remodeling. Every layout of a kitchen differs from one another, and if they are attached to the living room, it is essential that while remodeling them, the themes are kept consistent. Renosgroup worked on Bryant Street, Kanata, which had a spacious kitchen layout and wanted us to have a minimal.

Since we were provided a decent amount of space to work with, we installed an island that would fill up most of the area in the middle, leaving enough room at the sides to walk and work around. We attached cabinetry to the island and added matching cushioned stools around it, creating the perfect space for the family to have their meal when they don’t want to dine in the living or dining room. 

We added hardwood flat-panel kitchen cabinet doors that were simple yet stylish. They lacked expensive detailing and were a great fit for the contemporary style kitchen at Bryant Steet, Kanata. We attached the kitchen appliances and added warm white lights that provided a yellowish-white hue that was ideal for the kitchen space.

A beautiful white quartz countertop gave a luxurious aesthetics to the kitchen that contrasted well with the dark work cabinetry of the island and the minimally styled wallpaper. We created an under-mount stainless steel sink with an elegant pull-out faucet. We also added trims on the walls against the floors that reached across the living room. 

Are you looking for a designer to renovate your kitchen so that you enjoy cooking? You do not have to worry as we at the Renosgroup services are committed to work for your homes. We cater to your demands and then design and build a kitchen according to your liking. To get your quotations you need to fill our online form or call us at (613) 727-9427.

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