Basement Renovation Ottawa – Cahill Dr

Basement Renovation Ottawa – Cahill Dr

Renosgroup has committed to several basement renovation projects. The success of these projects can be seen in many prime locations in Ottawa. Cahill Drive, Ottawa, was one of the most extensive projects we worked on, where we had to remodel the entire basement space from scratch. 

Our major challenge while Cahill Drive, Ottawa basement renovation was how to utilize the space. We were instructed to create a clean environment using a minimalist approach while remodeling the basement. The basement was supposed to be used for doing laundry. Our choice of flooring was vinyl in the budget we were presented with. 

Hardwood flooring would have been a natural and durable option, but also an expensive one. Since water spillage in the basement was assumed to be inevitable, we decided to opt for vinyl flooring. Vinyl floors are virtually impervious to moisture damage, whereas hardwood floor isn’t. We decided that white-painted walls would go best with the dark pseudo-wood vinyl floors. We also added trims against the sides of the walls. 

We installed a little sink next to where the washing machine and dryer were installed for practicality. A white cupboard was also made to create storage for the essentials that one needs while doing laundry. A stainless-steel sink with a pull-down faucet was installed, and adequate plumbing was made to cater to them. We also added expensive tiling around the sink to create a more exquisite feel to it. 

The Renosgroup services has grown through these years and worked with many known names. If you want to get your bathroom renovated,you can fill out our online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427. We will make sure to design your basement the way you like and give our unique touch simultaneously. All you have got to do is trust us and we will work our magic with our amazing team of designers and builders.

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