Exterior Home Renovation Ottawa – Baseline Road, Ottawa

Exterior Home Renovation Ottawa – Baseline Road, Ottawa

Renosgroup has worked on several projects that included exterior home remodeling. We have a team of accomplished constructors that choose the best material for your deck construction. The Baseline Road, Ottawa project has been a major success in our journey of house remodeling.

The Baseline Road, Ottawa project was a significant responsibility that we carried out following a critically designed plan. We were instructed to construct an attached outdoor deck on ground level.

The ultimate choice for the decking material was redwood. We have had many accomplished deck projects where we chose redwood for our choice of wood. Not only does it look great, but it’s also incredibly durable with resistance to warping. We followed a simple plan where we constructed a 2-level deck.

It created a gorgeous living space by the end of our week-long project. We prepped the site and dug footing holes that would help create a strong base to hold the deck’s frame together in its place. A Ledger board was attached to the exterior of the house. Since the house had a cladding material, we had to take out the sliding boards and hardware in a spot where the ledger would be placed.

After waterproofing the ledger, we installed beams upon which the decking planks were joisted. Railings were also installed to ensure security and make accidents less likely. The Baseline Road, Ottawa project had a beautiful 2-level deck constructed at the back of the house; however, our work can also be commended from the front of the house. We built a small planter box around the mailbox to give a better landscape to the outdoor space and provide better drainage.

The Renosgroup services are recogni HYPERLINK “https://www.nytimes.com/”zed by many of our clients and have enabled us to collaborate with many great names. You can expect a free in-home consultation with our builders and designers to help get the deck of your dreams for your house. Get your quote now by filling out our online form or giving us a call at (613) 727-9427.

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