Gwynne Avenue, Ottawa

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Gwynne Avenue

Our team recently completed a bathroom renovation in Gwynne Avenue, Ottawa, and its completion with such finesse left not only our team but also the clients in shock. There were several steps that we worked on in this bathroom renovation process.

The first step of this renovation was to work on the flooring. For the flooring of this bathroom, we went with black tiles with a white outline made in a brick structure. These tiles were neither too big nor too small, thus making them the perfect size for the bathroom. Once this was done, we started working on the tub section.

For the tub, we went with a custom acrylic-made bathtub in white color. This is a classic bathtub we insist on sticking to as it is easy to clean and maintain. Once this was installed, we decided to work on the tiles for the walls surrounding the tub. For the walls, we went for brick-styled white tiles with a black tile in between the wall, used as a border. We also attached a rain showerhead for the tub, along with a faucet.

To make sure the tub area looked more like an enclosure, our team further added a custom-made glass wall around the tub to maintain more privacy. The glass was only installed along half the length of the bathroom and thus looked much classier.

The tiles used for the tub walls were also used in other parts of the bathroom. This meant that a single black tile line went all around the bathroom, giving it a more unique and cohesive look. Next, we installed an under-mounted sink for the bathroom with a brown vanity that added a lot of structure to the space. We also decided to add a mirror and a dual-flush toilet to complete the bathroom.

Once done, the bathroom looked extremely chic while also being compact. If you also want your bathroom to look like the one on Gwynne Avenue, Ottawa then you can reach out to the Renosgroup at (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form for further details.

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