Kitchen Renovation Ottawa – Langholm Crescent, Nepean

Kitchen Renovation Ottawa – Langholm Crescent, Nepean

Recently, kitchen renovations have been extremely popular. Our team completed a kitchen renovation at Langholm Crescent, Nepean, which was truly a dream come true for our clients. For this renovation, we started by working on the flooring. For the floor, we decided to get hardwood floors made in differing shades of brown. This gave the kitchen a very classy look and instantly set the mood for the rest of the kitchen.

Next, we started working on the countertop for the kitchen, as having more surface area is an important part of a kitchen. For the countertop, we went with a clear white acrylic countertop. This looked extremely clean and organized while also being very easy to clean.

The next step of the kitchen was to start working on the cabinetry for the kitchen. The cabinets we went with were white with golden knobs. The white countertop and cabinetry looked extremely cohesive. Along with this, we also attached cabinets to the top of the kitchen. These were added for maximum storage capacity. A separate translucent cabinet was also added for storing decorative glasses and enhancing the look of the area.

The way our cabinetry was constructed, we purposely left spaces for appliances like an oven, fridge, and microwave. This ensured everything fits in perfectly with the area and blended well. Along with this, our team also added a double sink with a single lever. In the space that was left between the upper cabinets and countertop, we installed brick-styled light brown tiles to add color to the area. Lastly, we finished off the space with the addition of some light fixtures.

All in all, the kitchen looked dreamy, and if you too want your kitchen to be similar to the kitchen at Langholm Crescent, Nepean, then call Renosgroup right now for a free quote by filling out this online form or call us at (613) 727-9427.

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