Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Rueter Street

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Rueter Street

The job of bathroom renovation at Rueter Street, Ottawa was a huge success. Not only there were a lot of elements involved in remodeling this bathroom but there were also a lot of things our clients wanted us to care for, thus making this renovation tricky but eventually successful.

For this bathroom, we firstly started by installing a new tub. This meant we had to remove the old tub that was extremely worn off. The new tub we installed was much sleeker and tidier.

It was also made custom sized according to the client’s bathroom and was made of acrylic. This allowed the bathtub to be cleaned easily while also making it seem extremely bourgeoisie. Once the tub was attached, our next step was to install new tiling for the walls.

For the tiles, we decided to go for tiles that were light brown in color. The tiles looked extremely classy and not too overwhelming and made the place feel a lot more spacious. We also decided to add a brick mosaic tile in a contrasting shade of brown in a thin line on the wall as well. Once these changes were done, the bathroom looked very classy and complete.

We also decided to add a shower faucet for the bathroom. Next, a removable hand shower was also added. Another thing we added to maximize storage capacity within the shower area was the addition of a two-shelf shower caddy which went up from the tub to the ceiling.

Once all these touches were done, the shower area looked much cleaner and more modern. If you are also looking to get your bathroom renovated like the one in Rueter Street, call Renosgroup right away at (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form.

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