Torquay Ave – Support Wall Removal, Kitchen Project

Kitchen Renovation Ottawa – Torquay Avenue

We were provided with a wonderful U-shaped kitchen layout at Torquay Avenue, Ottawa. The Renosgroup services are credited, attributing to one of our most beautiful renovation projects at Torquay Avenue, Ottawa. The kitchen consisted of cabinetry along with three adjacent walls.

To enhance the workflow in the kitchen that would accommodate many family members to communicate through the kitchen, we created a window that opened to the living room area. This would allow a good enough sitting space outside the kitchen, especially for families that don’t always prefer dining in the living or dining room.

 We started the project by installing the appliances and cabinets against the walls to get a better understanding of the space we were to work around with. We painted the walls in a less porous brand of paint that is easier to wipe clean. Since we decided to with simple master white paint for the walls, we installed granite countertops with hardwood cabinetry and flooring. The hanging pendant fixtures attached to the ceiling fan allowed us to utilize the ceiling space optimally. The pull-down faucet installed on the granite countertop gave the classiness of the kitchen its final touches.

The contrast in the color scheme set a chic mood for the kitchen with various specific styles and textures. We finished our project by installing a stainless steel under-mount sink that could hold the maximum load whilst remaining sturdy to withstand any kind of pressure applied to it. 

The Renosgroup services are recognized by many of our clients and have enabled us to collaborate with many great names. You can expect a free in-home consultation with our builders and designers to help you get the bathroom of your dreams for your house. Get your quote now by filling out our online form or giving us a call at  (613) 727-9427.

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