Basement Renovation Ottawa – Trelawny Private

Basement Renovation Ottawa – Trelawny Private

Our team recently completed a basement renovation in Trelawny Private which was a huge transformation from the original basement. For this particular renovation, our team started by working on the floor as well as the subfloor.

For the floor, we decided to install a new hardwood floor. This is because they are durable and also look classier whilst giving off a wooden effect. Once the floor was complete, our next step was to paint the walls.

For the walls, we stuck with a light beige color that complemented well with the floor. At the borders of the wall, we painted white to give a composed look. This was to establish the boundaries elegantly. Along with this, our team was also requested to install a sink on one of the corners of the basement.

For the sink, we went with one that was made out of precious stone. This sink even had a vanity installed below it where there was ample storage space. Once this was done, our next step was to install the doors for the two bedrooms that were also made in the basement.

For the doors, we decided to get classic white doors that were pivoted to one of the walls. The doors were traditional and went with the white border that was painted on the walls. Along with this, we also added certain sockets across the basement to make sure there were enough electricity connections.

It is also noteworthy to remember that our team also worked on a window that was installed with white windowsills. With this, we also painted the ceiling a white color to give a complete look to the basement.

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