Basement Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Tweed Avenue

Basement Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Tweed Avenue

The recent project we completed was a basement bathroom renovation at Tweed Avenue, Ottawa, and so far, it truly has been one of our best projects. For this bathroom, we had to look at several aspects since it was a basement bathroom, but we made sure to tick all our clients’ checkboxes.

Firstly, we decided to get a new floor. For this, we went with brick-styled tiles in brown color. The tiles had different shades of brown mixed, thus making it look even better and adding a certain structure to the bathroom. Once we were done with the flooring, we started working on the shower enclosure within the bathroom.

For the shower, we firstly got an acrylic base. Along with this, we also put tile shower walls to create the enclosure. We then tiled the place with brown brick-styled tiles in a slightly lighter tone than the one used for the floor.

The tiles added that oomph factor to the place and complemented well with the floor. Once that was done, we also added a glass door to the shower as well as a removable hand shower to the bathroom. We also left some space for storage by creating a portion in the wall.

Next, we started working on installing a new toilet. For this particular bathroom, we went with a dual flush toilet which minimized water usage, thus being a great option.

Lastly, we were only left with the sink portion. For the sink, we went with an porcelain countertop with an under-mounted round basin. Along with this, we also added a chestnut wood vanity that was compact but highly useful. We ended up at the place with mirrors and some light fixtures.

Once complete, the basement bathroom renovation at Tweed Avenue, Ottawa was a huge success, and our clients were highly impressed. If you, too, are looking to get yourself a basement bathroom like this, then call us now on (613) 727-9427  or fill out this online form.

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