Home Addition Ottawa – Old Montreal Rd

Home Addition Ottawa - Old Montreal Road
Home Addition Ottawa - Old Montreal Road

Home Addition Ottawa – Old Montreal Road

Renosgroup has done plenty of home addition renovation projects. The Home Addition Ottawa – Old Montreal Rd project required a major renovation and Renosgroup promised to fulfill all the requirements demanded by them. The end result was appraised by many, which helped us gain more popularity in the home renovation industry. 

The old Montreal Road, Ottawa, has a beautiful, red-bricked house with asphalt roofing. The goal for this home addition project was to extend the living room area to where the deck was located. We were instructed to demolish the deck that was located in the backyard of the house and extend the room so that we could update the flow of the room and guts remodel the area as well. We decided to install windows in the renovated room that reached the ceilings and opened to the garden of the house. 

The main entrance of the house is situated at the side where we made the renovations. After the renovation, we included a glass door that allowed another entryway that open to the living room. 

Through this addition project at Montreal Road, Ottawa, not only were we able to extend the area, but we installed three adjacent single-hung windows that provided energy efficiency against air leaks. We created a redbrick that matched the exterior of the house, a frame for where the area was extended. We also seamlessness extended the roofing with similar asphalt material.

Our job is not only to design your house the way it is, but also to look for ways in which it can be made bigger. No matter what your requirement is, if it is anything that falls under the category of home renovation, we at the Renosgroup are there for you. Just fill out our online form or call us at (613) 727-9427, and a customer service representative will help you. Our designers and builders will provide you with free in-house consultation, and once you are satisfied, we will start working on the project.

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