Home Addition Ottawa – Saunderson Dr

Home Addition Ottawa - Saunderson Drive, Ottawa
Home Addition Ottawa - Saunderson Drive, Ottawa

Home Addition Ottawa – Saunderson Drive, Ottawa

The Renosgroup is a recognized name in the home renovation market that has served many clients across Ottawa. Our aim is to provide premium renovation services which include home addition projects. Saunderson Drive, Ottawa, is amongst the most exclusive home addition projects we have worked on so far.

Saunderson Drive, Ottawa, is a relatively older location that demanded a renovation immediately. The exterior of the house was basic and didn’t have good strength to it either. Our major goal was to enhance the aesthetics of the house while giving the house a complete makeover, which included renovation of the walls and ceilings. 

We started with the construction of another room on the front side of the house. We gave the exterior of the house a complete makeover by installing the new sliding glass door windows. We also painted the house in a darker shade to make it look more substantial. We also created a brick frame around the house to give the house a little extra strength for it to be able to endure tough climates. We also changed the doors that brought the home back to life. 

With minor changes, the value of Saunderson Drive, Ottawa, increased dramatically. Lastly, we had to add a ceiling to the new portion of the house, and so we changed the asphalt shingles of the entire house. The stairs at the entryway were redone to give the house its final touches. 

Our aim is to not only make your house aesthetic, but stronger. We have an experienced team of designers and builders that ensure that your house looks pretty and has the strength to last you for a long time.To avail our services and get a quotation that is under your budget you can fill out our online form or contact us at (613) 727-9427.

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