Cinnabar, Ottawa – Basement Bathroom

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Cinnabar
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Cinnabar

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Louis Riel Drive

Basements are no longer considered the no-entry zones which people hardly ever visit in their house but are instead becoming essential spaces without which a house can’t do. Hence, for such a space, a bathroom becomes a necessity. This is where Reno’s group comes into the picture. We make sure, with our team of highly skilled workers and our ability to deliver on time, that your renovations are always done in the best way possible.

One such major renovation was done in Cinnabar, Ottawa – Basement Bathroom. This renovation was a pure delight to complete as it left our clients satisfied with the result.

Initially, there was no bathroom present on the spot. So, our team started working from scratch to make sure this need was sorted on the client’s site. We started by firstly taking bathroom measurements and understanding how the client wanted the bathroom to be. The requirement was for a small, modern, but functional bathroom that could serve its purpose.

We then started with the flooring of the area. This was done with tiles that matched the neutral tone of the bedroom next door. We stuck with matte-finished, medium-sized tiles because the bathroom was not that big in size. The next step was to install glass doors for the shower area. We custom-made the glass doors to fit the shower space as well as installing the faucet and showerhead.

Then, to maximize the functionality of the bathroom, we created three wedges in the wall for storage purposes where the clients could keep their belongings. Later, we installed a sink that was compact with a classic long mirror as well. To maximize utility again, we added cabinets under the sink area. We also utilized the empty spaces to add bathroom accessories – toilet paper holder, towel holder, etc. where possible. Once this was all done, adding the light fixtures was the final step. We stuck to warm white lights for a more modern look. The bathroom looked phenomenal and better than how the client imagined it to be.

The renovation on Cinnabar in Ottawa – Basement Bathroom was incredible, not only for our team but also for our client. To make sure your bathroom dreams become a reality, too, contact us on this number (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form to get a free quote!

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