Coronation Drive, Ottawa

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Coronation Drive
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Coronation Drive

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Coronation Drive

Basements are now slowly becoming a room many modern homes cannot do without. For this reason, basement bathrooms have also become extremely important. Renosgroup worked on one such project of bathroom renovation in Coronation Drive, Ottawa.

For this bathroom, we had to make quite a few changes to achieve the final result. Firstly, we started off the process by removing the old tile shower walls and floor. This was not only because they were old but also because they had rotten framing. Once we removed that, we installed a new shower base in the bathroom.

We then also installed a waterproof membrane on the shower floor and walls. This was done so that cleanliness would not be a hassle for our client. After this, we also installed a sloped shower floor for the bathroom. This would ensure that any water that is accumulated, goes down the drain leaving the bathroom dry. A new shower faucet was also installed in the place.

Our team also worked on creating a cement board for the shower walls as we thought it was integral to add that to ensure a stronger foundation. Then, we installed brand new tiles on the floor as well as the wall. These tiles were neutral colored and made the space look a lot more spacious. We also installed a white Corian shower sill for better resistance as compared to a marble sill.

The bathroom floor that was made of concrete was then smoothed over and tiled and then once this was dry, two weeks later we installed a new custom glass shower door for the bathroom.

With all the aforementioned steps completed, the bathroom looked much better and more organized than before. Not only was there a separate shower space but the rest of the bathroom looked amazing as well.

If you also want your bathroom to be like the one in Coronation Drive, Ottawa, Renosgroup is just the place for you. Call us now on (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form for a free quote.

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