Howden Avenue, Ottawa

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Howden Avenue
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Howden Avenue

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Howden Avenue

At Renosgroup, we are known for our extensive experience in revamping bathrooms while also being highly skilled at doing so. One such project where we renovated a bathroom recently was done in Howden Avenue, Ottawa.

This project was highly extensive and unique in its own way. However, our team was able to execute this renovation perfectly leaving the client in awe. For this renovation, our team first took note of all the major additions that we needed to go for.

The first thing we did was to retile the entire floor of the bathroom. We replaced the old tiles with new plain white colored tiles. After this, we made a separate enclosure for showering. For this, we custom-made the glass walls with an acrylic base. Once the glass walls were attached, we also retiled the shower area with the same white tiles we used for the flooring.

Along with this, we also decided to add a new shower faucet and side caddies on the wall. This helped the bathroom become much more functional. Once these installations were done, our team decided to add a new vanity that contrasted with the painted bathroom wall. The vanity, when combined with the new countertop and sink, gave the bathroom a much sleeker and cleaner look.

Alongside this, we also added new faucets for the sink and the shower. Lastly, we added a new toilet to the bathroom. Our utilization of the space was exceptional since we focused on using compact but key pieces. This made the whole bathroom feel complete and much more spacious, which is exactly what our client wanted.

If you want a bathroom renovation like the one in Howden Avenue, Ottawa, reach out to Renosgroup at (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form for a free quote.

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