Cinnabar, Ottawa – Basement

Basement Renovation Ottawa - Cinnabar
Basement Renovation Ottawa - Cinnabar

Basement Renovation Ottawa – Cinnabar

Basements are known to be the extra storage space a house has, but no one knows how to utilize them. How do we make our basement look amazing and not like a plain old storage junction? Well, Renosgroup has got you covered. With our incredible team and ability to deliver timely, there’s no doubt that we can make your basement dream turn into reality.

One such renovation we did was for a basement in Cinnabar, Ottawa, where we truly transformed the look of the place. From it being a completely bare and empty storage room to transforming into a completely modern area for a family to live in. Cinnabar, Ottawa – The basement was a classic renovation done by us.

For this basement renovation, we started by first critically designing the room. For its design, we chose a scheme of neutral colors without any flooring and also added a bathroom to the space. We began by working on the floor and removing any damage done to the floor if we found any. Then, we decided to carpet the entire basement with a durable soft beige-colored carpet. This brought in the cozy and home-like vibes to the area.

We also added a similar colored paint to the walls and added white on the edges to give a pop of color. Furthermore, a 2-door walk-in closet was accommodated in this room. This was a great storage space provided inside this room. It then complemented the room further with its white rolling double-door. The door we chose for this basement room was neither too overbearing nor too simplistic, thus fitting perfectly with the setting.

Later, we also constructed a bathroom for this basement. It was a simplistic yet cozy bathroom with a glass-door shower area installed for a modern touch. The color scheme of the room was used here too. The shower walls were tiled, and a few small shelves were added for storage purposes inside the bathroom. Thus, turning this basement into an extra room inside the house for guests or family to live in.

We ended this project by adding warm-light fixtures as well, which made it seem truly aesthetic. The basement was truly a dream come true for its clients. For you to bring your basement dreams to a reality much like Cinnabar, Ottawa – Basement, call RenosGroup right now at (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form to get a free quote.

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