Basement Renovation Ottawa – Belcourt Drive, Orleans

Basement Renovation Ottawa - Belcourt Drive
Basement Renovation Ottawa - Belcourt Drive

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Furlong Crescent, Nepean

Basements are no more just filthy rooms that no one goes into but are rather becoming something extremely important for all modern homes. Therefore, basement renovations are also really popular. If you are on the lookout for getting your basement renovated, Renosgroup is there for you.

A recent renovation undertaken was the basement renovation at Belcourt Drive, Orleans.

The first step in the renovation process was to install a large drop ceiling system. Alongside this, we also attached sound-suppressing acoustical ceiling tiles. These would both ensure that the uncovered ceiling would be covered, as well as ensuring it is sound-proofed.

These gave the basement a much more refined and completed look. Once this was done, we taped the basement bedroom and the rest of the areas in the basement and decided to use drywall to set up the partitions. This was necessary to make sure that the basement does not lose its strong foundation. Once these touches were done, we continued the installation of vinyl flooring.

This flooring was a very good choice by our team as its very easy maintenance as well as extremely neutral, giving the basement a completed and tidy look. We also then got to the installation of the spotlights and plugs.

Overall, we installed more than 15 spotlights for the basement. We also got a classic wooden door in white for the basement that complemented well with the newly colored beige walls.

Once completed, the basement looked dreamy and was exactly what our client was looking for. Basement renovation at Belcourt Drive, Orleans was extremely successful and if you too are looking to revamp of your basement, call us now on (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form.

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