Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Astoria Crescent

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Astoria Crescent, Barrhaven
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Astoria Crescent, Barrhaven

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Astoria Crescent, Barrhaven

Renosgroup has a reputable name in the home renovation industry. Our bathroom renovations are provided as examples to many. We understand the practicality that a bath must entail, along with that.

The bathroom renovation at Astoria Cresent, Barrhaven, had a fairly simple plan. However, there were plenty of layout options that our planners came up with that we had to choose from. We decided to go with the warmer themes for the bath. The warm accents and good lighting made the true aesthetics of the bath whilst maintaining its functionality of it.

We were to remodel the bathing space, and thus we started by installing acrylic shower walls with simulated marble tile patterns surrounding the bathtub area. We created areas to would allow us the install the faucets and hand shower with a slide bar. The shower valve is centered between the slide bar that can be used to switch between the bathtub faucet and the shower. Temperature adjustments can also be made with the faucet.

At last, we installed a standard acrylic bathtub and a glass panel to put the essentials. We also decided to add a waterfall shower head that gave consistent shower flow. Since our aim was to give the renovation a contemporary touch, we went with a stylish two-piece trim set that will allow one to control the temperature of the water through a single valve. We adjusted the lighting fixtures and added a gorgeous frame around the ambient lighting of the bathroom.

The Renosgroup services are continuously working on making your experience worth the money you are investing in getting a renovation from us. We make sure to make a design and execute exactly the way you want it. To get the renovation of your dreams, you can reach out to us by filling out our online form or giving us a call at (613) 727-9427.

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