Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Edwin Crescent

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Edwin Crescent
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Edwin Crescent

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Edwin Crescent, Nepean

At Edwin Crescent, Nepean, we helped remodel one of the most uniquely designed bathrooms we have in our portfolios. Renosgroup aim is to deliver premium bathroom renovation services, and at Edwin Crescent, Nepean, we were to create an exclusive bathroom design and execute it to the best of our abilities. Our services remain unmatched in the bathroom renovation department.

The design layout of the bath appears to be abstract yet chic. There is a lot that went into the bathroom’s planning which included visually enhancing the space of the walls. Storage space and integration with a contemporary design was our major objective throughout the remodeling phase.

We installed a walk-in shower base, which had a glass door enclosure. We installed an acrylic base for the shower area with hexagon tiles in contrast to black and white. The natural shape of the hexagon tiles gives new meaning to trendy. One can see them through the glass window to be able to appreciate the renovation through it. We also installed two waterfall shower head that is made only with one set. The waterfall shower heads were our planner’s choice of shower heads as our clients were not a fan of the hard pounding that many shower settings give. Besides that, a standard shower head was also installed for versatility. 

We made adequate plumbing changes and installed a wall-hung toilet. The in-built storage spaces in the tiles in the showering area give enough room to keep all their essentials at. Edwin Crescent, Nepean is the new trendsetter where many chic styles are incorporated with a modern touch to them. 

At the Renosgroup we have the most diverse portfolio as we work on multiple home renovation projects and as our customer base grows, our portfolio keeps on growing. To choose a bathroom design from our portfolio or get a total new one along with consultations from our experienced designers and buildersyou can fill out our online form or give us a call at (613) 727-9427.

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