Anderson Road, Ottawa

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Anderson Road
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Anderson Road

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Anderson Road

Renosgroup is one of the finest contractors to be hired when revamping your bathrooms. Not only do we have the most hard-working and diligent team of workers but also have vast experience in this field.

A project we recently completed for a bathroom renovation on Anderson Road, Ottawa. For this bathroom, our team was only responsible for partial remodeling of the bathroom as the rest of the bathroom did not require any changes as per the client’s need.

For this bathroom, we were assigned with the task of performing the renovation of the bath side of the bathroom. We installed a white custom acrylic tub liner over the existing metal building bathtub. The look this new bathtub gave off was not only extremely sleek but also very chic. The tub was installed with a newly attached faucet as well.

After this, we added custom acrylic walls to the bath area. This gave off a more spacious and open effect, since everything was in white. In line with our client’s requests, we also added two shower caddies to the corners. Both these shower caddies were three shelved and went from tub to the ceiling giving more space for storage to our clients.

We also decided to add a safety bar to the tub on one of the walls to ensure extra safety for our client. Lastly, a curtain rod was also put in place over the tub. What made this rod unique was that it was curved, thus catering to the exact dimensions of the tub.

The bathtub area of the bathroom was not only spruced up, but it was low maintenance to boot. If you, too, are on the lookout for a bathroom revamping like the one done in Anderson Road, Ottawa, call now on (613) 727-9427 or fill out this online form right away.

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