Huntsville Drive, Ottawa

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Huntsville Drive
Bathroom Renovation Ottawa - Huntsville Drive

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Huntsville Drive

Bathrooms are the most frequently used space in your entire house. One of the major reasons for the success of Renosgroup is that we maintain the aura of homeliness of your house despite remodeling. Certain traditional bathrooms can be remodeled to look like something from the future. However, our designers working for the Bathroom Renovation Ottawa – Huntsville Drive decided to integrate the traditional aspect of the bathroom with a more contemporary touch.

Since the clients were interested in a clean and contemporary design that matched the rest of the home décor, we decided to go with the monochromatic themes for the bathroom. First off, we removed most of the bathroom fixtures to be able to install new walls and flooring.

Since the house has a traditional touch to it, we decided that tiles would be the best suitable option considering the elegance they bring and how it enhances the traditional features of the bathroom.

We installed cabinets and a vanity which included the sink and the faucet. Once the drain was hooked up to the faucet, we moved the other essentials, such as the cabinets, trims, and mirrors, around the shower and the tub.

Originally, the lighting of the bathroom was dimmed, which gave it a rather gloomy look. We had to configure electrical fixtures and install new lighting, and that alone gave the bathroom an ultimate makeover. The tiled bathtub that matched with the walls gave it a clean, minimalistic, elegant look which is exactly how the bathroom at Huntsville Drive, Ottawa, was imagined to be.

The Renosgroup services are enjoyed by many of the clients that choose to work with us. We add glamour and style to your house, which will help you achieve the house of your dreams. You can expect a free in-home consultation and get in touch via filling out our online form or giving us a call at (613) 727-9427.

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